Monthly Archives: January, 2017

TJ is 8!!

Loves:  Sweets, playing on the tablet, and reading the classics (peter pan)or Star Wars books. Favorite toys: legos, board games,and stuffed animals Favorite foods: ice cream and cake, popcicles, and quesadillas Favorite song: jingle bells and his own made up songs Favorite TV shows/movies: voltron and epic  This boy is crazy loving! He wants to …

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Gabriel is 5

Loves: playing on his tablet, family game night, puzzles and taking toy guys  apart. Favorite toys: legos, puzzles, coloring books and colored pencils,  Favorite foods: ice cream, pizza, and corn dogs Favorite song:  abc’s and jingle bells Favorite TV shows/movies: troll hunters and lego movies. This boy is pretty amazing! He’s reading sight words and …

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Two panic attack Tuesday 

It’s been a long time since I’ve written! I was super bummed that we didn’t make it to a pumpkin patch last year, that’s my favorite post to write.  But the odds were not in our favor last October. We did have a beautiful Christmas, spending time with family. And have been trying to stay …

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