Monthly Archives: August, 2018

Even when you do everything right

Diabetes can still beat you. This disease is so frustrating because no matter how good you are at taking care of it, it still throws curveballs that you can’t predict, you just have to be prepared to react. We battle blood sugars to keep this boy alive 24/7/365. Most of the time we are able …

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Why we gave up on the 670G

While TJs A1c dropped every time we went to the Endo, the closed loop purpose was lost in translation. We started Medtronic’s 670G system thinking that we would spend less time thinking about Diabetes/numbers and have more time to just live a normal life. Unfortunately Medtronic’s sensors are still so finicky/sensitive that this was not …

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A visit from Abuela

Tony’s cousin was married this month, which brought some if his family into town. Their ring bearer was especially adorable!One member of his family we were especially excited about visiting was Tony’s mom! The boys Abuela (grandma, in Spanish) has been staying with us and we have been enjoining every minute! The boys got to …

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