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Funeral planning and more drama

Yesterday was such a crazy and emotional day. We started out meeting with the funeral home and then the cemetery to arrange for Peters burial and headstone. We planned his funeral for Wednesday afternoon, that was emotional enough for one day. After we were done we stopped by my parents house to pick up G …

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The Battle Against Ketones

You know how worried you get when your kid has a sore throat or a fever? A parent of a kid with T1D has an extra level of worry. Not only can blood sugars be too high (or too low-depending on the illness) but even if they are in range we have to worry about …

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Moms night out and Ketones

A friend convinced me to use her extra ticket and go to my high school reunion. (I wasn't going to go-Tony didn't want to go and I wasn't that interested either) So, I got dressed up, met my hubby at church and then left the boys with him and headed to the reunion Earlier in …

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