TJ is 8!!


Sweets, playing on the tablet, and reading the classics (peter pan)or Star Wars books.

Favorite toys: legos, board games,and stuffed animals

Favorite foods: ice cream and cake, popcicles, and quesadillas

Favorite song: jingle bells and his own made up songs

Favorite TV shows/movies: voltron and epic 

This boy is crazy loving! He wants to hug everyone all the time! He’s reading chapter books and learning 3rd grade math skills. He is super smart when he applies himself. Math is no longer his favorite subject, but he’s learning to push through and do what you have to, even if it’s not fun. Despite the amount of clomplaining that goes a long with it, he is a big help around the house: cleaning a bathroom, emptying the dishwasher and loading it sometimes too. 

He loves music! He hums, sings, or whistles constantly! He reads our children’s bible every night before bed and wants to collect rosaries. He’s very emotional and takes mean words or actions to heart. He is our sweet helper who’s always willing to give hugs (to family and friends). He’s still my shy boy, sometimes not wanting to talk in front of strangers.

He is pretty tough when it comes to pokes and prods. Even gives himself his own shots when he needs an emergency shot without complaining. The toughest part of t1d for TJ right now is removing the tegaderms that help keep his equipment attached. He’s stronger than he knows!


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