Monthly Archives: February, 2015


We’ve been trying something new in the Ortiz house this week! I’m really excited about it and the kids were surprisingly excited too! The boys are taking on new responsibilities. They have a new bedtime routine (that they are expected to do on their own). I made a list for TJ to follow. (And he …

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First trip to the library!!!

Today was TJ and Gs first trip to the public library! Maybe I’m a bad parent, but I’ve honestly never taken them before. I haven’t been in so long! Since I started buying the books I’ve wanted and especially since getting my kindle, I just haven’t felt the need to go to the library. But …

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Early Spring?

We are so excited by all this sunshine and warmth!  🙂  It feels like spring and it’s motivated us to plant a garden this year.  We tried last year late in the summer by planting some cucumber and basil plants. And we actually got a few cucumbers to eat.  🙂  Since we all love cucumbers in …

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