Monthly Archives: March, 2014

Pulled a port

A fun day: church, a party, and then time at grandmas and grandpas. The boys had taken naps and were playing outside before we sat down to watch frozen at grandmas house. I decided to check dex and see what TJs sugars were doing. Good thing I did! Seriously?!? (Apparently we forgot to turn on …

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Bad D Day!

Yesterday TJ had an I hate diabetes day. It was just your average day until I asked him to go wash his hands and poke for dinner. Then a meltdown occurred. Screaming and crying and not telling me why. As a non-d parent your first thought is ” wish he’d taken a nap today.” But …

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Injured mommy

Yesterday I was my usual klutzy self and managed to fall down some porch steps. I scratched up my knee and over extended my ankle. The ankle seemed to be fine after a little ice and rest. I walked around and it didn’t hurt. TJ had a “low” night last night and after tony had …

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