Monthly Archives: August, 2017

Medtronic 670 CGM

We got sensors! So I called and scheduled a training with the Drs office. TJ is currently wearing 2 CGMs a Dexcom G5 and the new Medtronic guardian. I’m curious to see how they compare. The boys had fun before the training playing on a clinic computer. I didn’t think to charge the transmitter, so …

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Moms night out and Ketones

A friend convinced me to use her extra ticket and go to my high school reunion. (I wasn't going to go-Tony didn't want to go and I wasn't that interested either) So, I got dressed up, met my hubby at church and then left the boys with him and headed to the reunion Earlier in …

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Paranoid Dmom

Our summer has been full of fun and a little worry.We've been walking our local trail almost every day. And we've tried out a trail that is a little more like a hike.It has small hills And precarious cliffs.We've been enjoying our mornings together!We have had a few worried moments about G though. He keeps …

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