Gabriel is 5

Loves: playing on his tablet, family game night, puzzles and taking toy guys  apart.

Favorite toys: legos, puzzles, coloring books and colored pencils, 

Favorite foods: ice cream, pizza, and corn dogs

Favorite song:  abc’s and jingle bells

Favorite TV shows/movies: troll hunters and lego movies.

This boy is pretty amazing! He’s reading sight words and sounding out every word he sees. He’s read some things that have surprised us. He is working with papa on adding and subtracting too. My least favorite things that he says (a lot) are,”that’s not fair!😩” or “He’s not being nice!”

He can throw a tantrum like nobody’s business and is as stubborn as can be. Bribing him with dessert, or threatening to take something away doesn’t change his mind. He pulls one liners out of the air and makes us all laugh.

​He still is a bully and loves to pick on his big brother. He can be so loving and sweet and he is my snuggle bug when we watch tv or movies. I can’t wait to see how this independent boy becomes a young man! 


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