Monthly Archives: September, 2013

From TJs point of view

TJ has quite the artistic eye. And he loves sneaking my phone to take snapshots. Sometimes I use his skills for my benefit. Other times I have no idea he’s used my phone until after I go through my pictures later. Sometimes he captures some really nice shots. And sometimes they’re a little blurry and …

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All because two people fell in love

This post is a little late, but here goes anyway. 🙂 Back in 1998 I met this funny guy at work. He kept needing help with things, so I kept walking over to him to help him. I had no idea at the time that this guy would become my best friend, my husband, and …

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Before and after pictures

I’ve been so bad over the summer when it comes to my diet and exercise goals. I was lazy and careless in my food choices but we were busy and had lots of fun family time to compensate. The other day I was being lazy (was reading a book I couldn’t put down) and I …

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