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Childhood Rights and Responsibilities

I’ve been trying to teach my boys responsibilities for the last few years. I have assigned them chores and tried to get them to do their morning and evening routines independently and they’ve had increasing workloads of school work. But I’ve failed. While G has done ok with all of this (so far-he always has …

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Easter Eggs 2018

It’s the day before Easter! And in the Ortiz house that means…cleaning! (The Easter bunny doesn’t deliver to a dirty house) and egg dying! I finally have a fool proof way to cook hard boiled eggs! Last year (or was it the year before?) I tried baking the eggs in muffin tins, and found out …

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Five Minute Friday: build

I’m really trying to build a better relationship with my kids. For the last seven years my parenting style hasn’t worked. I have a hard time when my kids don’t listen. I tend to get louder, to the point of yelling, when I’m frustrated or annoyed. I realized that I was setting a horrible example …

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