Monthly Archives: August, 2013

Pretty Happy Funny Real

Pretty We finally got around to prepping for and pouring a concrete slab in our back yard for a patio. I think it’s very pretty! Happy We were so happy that the major portion of our back yard is finally done! Especially Tony who worked so hard leveling out the area and putting up the …

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Which came first the tantrum or the low?

After a busy day we went shopping as a whole family. Being a typical 4 yr old TJ wanted every toy/hat/shoe… he saw (that’s typical, right?) since he had not gotten a nap today every “no” or “not today” brought on tears (loud, annoying tears). We were hitting the clearance racks getting everyone new shoes …

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Dexcom G4 vs. Medtronic’s CGM

Here’s what we used to need with the Medtronic CGM: And check out the needle! Here’s what we need for a Dexcom G4: With the Medtronic CGM we had to put a sticker under the CGM sticker because TJ reacted to the glue. Then we used a bigger sticker over it to keep it in …

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