Two panic attack Tuesday 

It’s been a long time since I’ve written! I was super bummed that we didn’t make it to a pumpkin patch last year, that’s my favorite post to write. 

But the odds were not in our favor last October.

We did have a beautiful Christmas, spending time with family.

And have been trying to stay active in spite of the cold weather.

We celebrated the new year (at 6pm on the 31st) 😜 and learned that my boys don’t really like sparkling cider. 

But I started this post to share my scary moment last Tuesday, so here goes. 

My boys have swim lessons at our local YMCA, so, I usually drop them with their swim teacher and head to the indoor track to walk around. We make sure TJs blood sugar is in range, put all our things in a locker and go do our things. This day wasn’t really any different, they were swimming,  I was off somewhere else in the Y. All of a sudden the fire alarm went off and a voice comes over the intercom saying, “there is an emergency in this building please leave through the closest exit.” Panic attack #1! I have to get to my kids! I go downstairs, and start to walk toward the pool only to find that door closed. I asked the closest employee where the kids in swim lessons would be, she said outside. Great. I go out the front door, and start searching…no kids in swimsuits dripping with water here… oh, they are around the side of the building. I head over there to find them wrapped in towels standing barefoot on the frozen sidewalk (which is covered in de-icer), shivering. G was crying when I walked over. One of the instructors put a towel on the ground for some kids to stand on and that helped their poor little feet a little. 

I realized they were alive and well, just before panic #2 hit me: all of TJs T1 supplies were in the building, locked in a locker…and so were my car keys. If he crashes what could I do, I had no dex, and no meter to check his BG. He was in range before swim, but extreme cold drops him, excitement/worry can go either way. And who knew how long we’d be stuck out there? 

I kept it together and tried to help the boys stay warm. After about 10 minutes, they finally let everyone back in-a little kid pulled the fire alarm, so no real emergency (Thank God!). They went back to swim lessons, and I went up to the chapel and had a good cry. I’m so glad my fears were unwarranted, that time. But I can’t figure out a good way to prepare for this in the future. Carry his backpack and my keys everywhere I go in the Y? That’s a fun workout. Leave it in a bag, near him while he swims? Sounds like a recipe for wet supplies.  I guess I’ll keep doing what I’ve been doing and pray that there are no more emergencies for now. Unless somebody has a better idea? 


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