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The highs and lows of fun

We had lots of fun at the event JDRF put on at Oddessy 1 in Tacoma. The boys played arcade games and won tickets to earn prizes. They got to play with their T1 friends and their siblings in a big play area with tunnels and climbing areas. While I visited with some of my …

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Really it was just Tony that got almost a full week off, I still took some sub jobs. But we did have a couple of fun days off together and took advantage of them to do more than just sit around the house being lazy. We took the boys bowling for the first time. And …

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Midnight snacks

Tjs sugars were a little low tonight when Tony and checked him before our workout. I woke him up to eat half a bag of fruit-snacks to bring him back up. He ate his five fruit-snacks while I held him on my lap. I told him that I was giving him the last fruit-snack so …

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