My crazy Friday (and it’s only 11am)

This morning my boys woke up…then the craziness began. They were both over tired and whined/cried about everything. G didn’t want to fold and put away a pair of his clean shorts that were laying on the floor, so I let it go. We went downstairs and had breakfast after which they usually wipe down their table spot and get started on school work. Not today! TJ spread crumbs all over the floor when clearing his napkin, I asked him to vacuum them up but he decided to vacuum my flip flops and other nearby things instead, so I sent him to his room to think about his decisions. G decided he was too tired to start school work and that he’d rather go to bed (at 7:45am!).  After a little while I checked on them in their room and found them snuggled up in TJs bed. I asked them to get in their own beds but G wanted to stay in TJs, so, TJ got the top bunk for a change. They were tired and wanted to nap (now 8am) so I let them. They talked and played (and I ignored). Then I went up to remind them that it was nap time (insert quiet here) and that if they weren’t quiet they’d have to have nap time again at their regular time. They were quiet (for all of 2 seconds) then G snuck over to the bonus room and started playing with toys. 

I decided to try a “do-over day”. I told them let’s pretend we just got up and had breakfast. What do we need to do now? Make beds, start school work, do chores, play time, lunch, nap time, YMCA time, dinner and movie. That was what I had planned for today…sounds fun to me…nope! Making beds turned into a play session (and a messier room). I informed them that they were welcome to come downstairs as soon say they were done cleaning their room and making their beds. I had to help move the bunk beds so TJ could remake his bed (bottom sheet completely off the top half of his mattress 🙄) and told them I’d help push it back when they were done. They called me up to help and I noticed TJ needed to fix his comforter and how messy the bonus room was (not that bad-maybe 4 toys to put away) so I sent G to the bonus room and waited for TJ to fix his comforter and then pushed the bunkbeds back against the wall. Thinking they are finally ready to get to work, I walk over to the bonus room to find nothing put away, more toys out, and G playing. So, I walked away. They can play until they are ready to pick up. I will sit downstairs and drink my chai (thank you to the angel from buy nothing who delivered my Starbucks chai!!! The Only thing getting me through this morning)

They are still up there, nothing has been accomplished and I’m not fighting with them. But there will be another nap time today….I guess today was meant to be a non productive day…and I need to learn to be ok with that….it’s one of the bonuses of homeschooling, right? 


Five Minute Friday: build

I’m really trying to build a better relationship with my kids. For the last seven years my parenting style hasn’t worked. I have a hard time when my kids don’t listen. I tend to get louder, to the point of yelling, when I’m frustrated or annoyed. I realized that I was setting a horrible example for my kids. 

I could see how they interacted with each other (and with myself and my husband) was a direct reflection of how I responded to their behaviors. 

So, I decided to change myself! My hope is that by setting a better example of calm reactions and requests they will slowly learn to respond to stress and frustration calmly and without losing control. 

But it’s extremely difficult to change they way you respond to stress, anger, frustration, and being ignored. I find myself doing really well for awhile (which sometimes gets positive responses from my kids but sometimes I’m still ignored) and then slipping back into my old bad habits. It’s like learning a new language right now. I not only need to speak it, but speak it calmly and remain calm, even when the results are not whey I wanted. 

I find myself turning to prayer and asking God for help. Help me stay calm help me find a consequence that will teach them. Help me teach these these boys how to grow into respectful, hard working, responsible, God fearing men. Maybe if EVERY time I am about to yell, I prayed a silent prayer I could build a better me which would then be reflected in my boys as they grow and model or reflect what they see.
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What we’ve been up to

I just noticed I haven’t written anything since April! We’ve been too busy being sick, spending time with family and friends, and just generally having fun! But here’s an update:

Summer is finally here!!! I’m so excited to spend time with my boys (and to not have to go to school!!!) 😃

I haven’t started TJs 3rd grade school year yet. We are still doing work everyday to keep up the habit of school work and the mindset that it’s something we do almost every day.

G is still working on writing letters and writing his name. I’ve started having him practice writing numbers too. 

Since that “summer school” work  only takes about an hour, we have lots of time to play! We’ve taken a lot of walks on the foothills trail and found lots of beautiful flowers.  

We saw a mouse one morning and also found part of a robins egg.

The boys love snacking on salmon berries during our walks.

I love that if we get out there early enough we get home just in time for lunch and naps (during which both boys sleep)!!! Plus I get my 10,000 steps in early. 😁

We’ve also joined our local YMCA for the boys to take swim lessons and sports (it’s also motivated me to start trying different workout classes).

They love the pool and the child care area (which is where they go while mommy exercises).

That doesn’t tire them out quite as much as the trail, so I’ll probably save that for rainy days. 

TJs T1D still has its ups and downs, but there are days that I’m amazed at how it works out in my favor!  The other day TJ was LOW all day! Lots of juice and extra snacks just barely kept him around 60-80. 

 Bedtime rolled around and he finally started coming up! Not only that but he hung out around 180-200 all night!!! Thank you God!!! No sleep interruption!!!

Today I took the boys to the Y and let them play I an area I have to supervise them for a while, the whole time worrying about TJs numbers, (dex was reading ???-which does not help me know what his bg is doing.  I checked his sugars and gave him a snack and dropped him off at childcare hoping that he wouldn’t crash and that dex would start cooperating. I started walking their indoor track while waiting for my class to start and periodically checked my phone to see if dex started working again. Shortly after I started my walk it stated working! Hallelujah!!! Praise God! Now I could keep an eye on his numbers while I worked out! I did have to run down and have him poke and eat some more fruit snacks before my kickboxing class started, but he was good the whole morning after that. 💜

We took the boys to see finding dory in the theater. That was lots of fun, and a really cute movie!!

We had fun with friends on the 4th! We let the boys stay up WAY later than normal–7pm bedtime normally.  They were actually up when it was dark…during summer!!!  And I baked my first ever pineapple upside down cake!

So yummy!!!

We started summer art class up again (thanks to a local homeschool mom friend)

TJs Matisse style art.


After art class we want to a park for a play date with friends, who are also in the art class, and found an awesome park!
So much fun stuff to do!

The boys are filling in every other extra minute with Legos, pool time, and arguing…we are far from perfect, but we are trying to enjoy every moment we can!

Easter weekend 2016

 The boys are playing outside in the sunshine, while I stand in my kitchen snacking on BBQ potato chips and drinking a glass of red wine. We are waiting for tony to get home so we can sit down for our teriyaki chicken and rice dinner. It’s so peaceful and quiet in the house I just had a moment to realize I haven’t shared my Easter weekend photos yet (or written any blog posts in a while…) so here we go!

We want to church on Good Friday and the boys were super excited to process around the outside of our church holding lit candles. It was tough, staying up late and having to drive 45 minutes to get home afterwards. But I love those services! And the music! 💜

Saturday we colored Easter eggs.

And did a little Easter egg art work.


We cleaned the house an I worked on making a decorative addition to a hat so it would match my new dress. 
From fabric to rose. 😜

Saturday night was a struggle. The boys were allowed to “camp out” in the bonus room for the night. (Because the Easter Bunny needed their room)  


 and it took me lying in there with them to keep them quiet long enough to fall asleep.

But eventually we could get to work in their room. The crib/toddler bed was taken apart and put in the garage for firewood. (The teeth marks and the way Tony turned it into a toddler bed made it unable to be put back into crib form)

And we dragged TJs mattress and box spring out so we would have plenty of room to build!

Goodbye baby room hello big boys room!  

It was not easy and it took two and a half hours, but we got it done! And finally went to bed shortly after midnight. Only to be woken up at 5am by boys ready to inspect their baskets. The response to the new bunk beds/sheets/comforters was a little anticlimactic. 

They were more excited about mouthwash and $1 frisbees than they were about the bunk beds. 😳

Then we headed to church to celebrate Jesus rising from the dead and got our Easter bbasket fill of yummy food blessed before heading to grandma and grandpas house. Then it was nap time! Both boys went down (although only G slept) plus mommy got to nap! 😜

Tony took a couple pictures of the boys and me in our Easter finery.

 We got to visit with family and the kids had their Easter egg hunt.

We ate a super yummy Easter dinner with my family!

And then we went home and put the boys to bed in their new bunk beds (hoping for an early night for all of us) only to have two boys so excited about their bunk beds that they couldn’t go to sleep again! Too many late nights in a row for this mom! I’m hoping andbprayingbthst thru will fall asleep quickly tonight (since they didn’t last night-again)

Mommy and TJ fail (but not too bad)

It’s just another crazy dinner time in the Ortiz home. I plate up everyone’s food and get it on the table. We say grace and dig in. G needs many reminders to eat his dinner (this time it’s was the potatoes he tried to ignore). TJ surprisingly ate everything on his plate without any arguing. (You can’t go wrong in this house with cucumbers as the veggie)

After TJ is done eating, I ask him to empty the dishwasher and he gets started (playing with each dish before putting it away–as I watch cringing)

Tony grabs TJs Dexcom (continuous glucose monitor) to see how TJs blood sugar (BG) is reacting to dinner.  Ummmm… 150 with a straight up arrow (not uncommon after a meal) but, the arrow makes him remember something…”TJ did you check your blood sugar before dinner?” (Dead silence) 

“TJ did you dose for dinner?” (More silence) 

“TJ why didn’t you check your BG before dinner?” 

The magic response? 

“Because I forgot” 

Who’s fault is this really? Mine and TJs. I gave him food with no carb count and we both forgot to have him check his BG before eating. It was hectic before dinner, TJ was working on school work (that he hadn’t gotten done earlier) right up until dinner was on the table and I was rushing things along because I was hungry.

Luckily tonight’s dinner was fairly low carb: 1 fried chicken leg, 1 mini cucumber, and 1 red potato with sour cream and cheese. All in all it was under 10 carbs. Add to that the fact that he was under 150 before dinner (not that we checked at the time) and that we caught it before he was over 200 and (wiping sweat from brow) we sure were blessed tonight!

Our Gaurdian Angels must’ve been working hard for us tonight. Thank you God for keeping TJ safe! If we had had a higher carb dinner or if he’d started out higher he could easily have been over 400 by the time we realized and it would’ve taken 2.5-4 hours to get him back down into range. Along with a sleepless night watching to make sure we didn’t give too much insulin which would cause his BG to go too low.

It was so easy to slip back into the no poke days before he was diagnosed (almost 4 years ago!).  

It doesn’t happen often (thank God!) but it does periodically happen that we do something (or don’t do something) that can cause serious repercussions to TJs health.  We just try to not repeat them, but sleep deprivation is not a memory booster. 😜

Just another day in paradise, thanking God that we still get to be here together.


Riding on insulin 2016

TJ kept asking to go snowboarding but Tony and I have no experience with winter sports. We had no idea how to teach him and were a little afraid of the high costs associated with snowboarding.  At family camp last October we heard about riding on insulin, which is a Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) snowboarding (and ski) camp started by a professional snowboarder with T1D. The closest camp they had near us was on Mt Hood in Oregon. When registration opened we signed up! G was too young for the camp, so we planned to find somewhere to sled while TJ was learning to snowboard.  

  We had to drive for 4 hours to get to Mt Hood and unfortunately had a late start because Tony got stuck at work later than we’d hoped. We got to our hotel so late that we completely missed the orientation on Friday.  


 We got up early (as always-thanks to my boys rarely sleeping past 5am) ate breakfast and got ready. Our goal was to get the rest of the way up the mountain to the lodge where the camp was being held by 8 am, so we could get all TJs rental gear and the info we missed at orientation so we would be ready for the beginning of camp. But the odds were once again against us. We were only half a mile from the lodge when our tires started spinning. We pulled off and Tony put our chains on but it didn’t really give us very much extra traction. It took a while but we finally made it to the lodge and parked. We walked around trying to find the right building and the banquet room that riding on insulin was using as base camp. After being lost and asking our way, we finally found the room, got our folder of info and headed back to the other building to get TJs rental gear. Another wait in two more lines and back up to the lodge we headed to get TJ to his group and find out the plan for the day.

  TJ was having a rough weekend. He refused (or was unable) to follow directions and listen. It probably didn’t help that he was low during the morning session, but I don’t think that was the whole problem. He kept falling down and then laying there or making snow angles. He wasn’t paying attention to the instructor either.  Luckily his group counselor took him under her wing and gave him some one on one help part of the time.  While we were watching TJs antics and trying to help him and get him to pay attention and try his best, G kept playing in the snow without his mittens on (despite us putting them on his hands repeatedly).  When we gave up helping and left, hoping TJ would do better without us there, G was cold (especially his hands). We walked around the lower building looking for somewhere to get him a cup of cocoa, and couldn’t find anywhere. We went up to the lodge still searching for cocoa and still didn’t find anywhere. Tony decided to check out the gift shop and I took that opportunity to ask the cashier where to find cocoa. She recommended the restaurant upstairs saying they had a delicious signature cocoa. So, once we finished checking out the shop we headed upstairs and got a table at the restaurant.  The cocoa was so big that G had to share with me! It really was delicious! It was covered in whipped cream with toffee bar crumbled on it and drizzled with caramel and chocolate syrup. The three of us also split a cheese fondue appetizer for lunch before heading back down to the campers lunch to check on TJ.  He was not having a lot of fun and had had a low of 33. They gave him juice and got him back up and he was sitting at a table with his box lunch, not eating. He poked his finger when we got there and picked out what he wanted out of the box lunch. We dosed him for part of what he ate (expecting more activity lows after lunch) and sat with him while he ate.  We asked if he wanted to go back out with his group or go play in the snow with us and he decided to go try snowboarding again. So after another finger poke he headed out with his group and we headed out with G to find a good place to play.  We found a steep hill and climbed it repeatedly and had a small snowballfight and had lots of fun. 
We went back up  to the lodge to check on TJ again and make sure he was having fun and wanted to stay with his group, but had a hard time finding them.  We eventually found him and he showed me what he had learned.  

Sorry for the sideways video, but it’s all I got (thank you Marnie, for getting it on video for me!)
   We hung out inside for a while hoping socks and boots would dry for another trip out to play, but it was soon time for the group photo and the boys were tired. We headed back to the car for a rest and some pictures before walking back up to the lodge for dinner with the rest of our riding on insulin campers. 

We ended up having to leave shortly after dinner because my boys were so tired they couldn’t even handle sitting at the table anymore. 

In spite of all our struggles (and lost battles against time) we managed to have fun, see some friends, and TJ learned how to stay up on a snowboard (although he needs to work on stopping) 😜 thank you riding on insulin!

Winter walks

We have a couple of local trails we like to go to for some family exercise and fun. They are paved so the boys can ride bikes or scooters, making it possible for us to go further.

  The one closest to home goes from South Prairie to Orting and is very flat. This is the trail I usually take the boys to when Tony isn’t with us, just because it’s close to home.
The other trail is a circle around a man made lake. This is the trail Tony prefers, probably because the walk can be short (one time around) or longer (we’ve made it around 3 times in one visit).  Plus it’s close to a 7-eleven, where we usually stop for a slurpee in the summer after our walk. 😜

Today we all went for a walk, in spite of the cold, and since Tony was with us we went to the lake trail.

We park at a Lowes store near the park, so we don’t have to fight for a parking spot. And in one of their bushes in the parking lot we saw a cute little bird with a red spot on his head. TJ thought maybe that was part of its camouflage, since he was in a bush with little red berries.

I love living in an area where we are surrounded by nature (even in the parking lot)! 😃 

It was COLD! And foggy. 

I think this may be G’s favorite trail too, since he wants to stop at every other tree for a picture.

TJ rode his scooter and G walked/ran with us. It was really interesting seeing all the frosted trees and bushes.

Another tree. 😜

It looked like lots of people had the same idea we did when we realized that the lake was frozen:  Throw rocks on the ice. It made a really cool noise as the rocks bounced across the ice.

We stopped many times to throw rocks, see how far we could get them to go and listen to that noise.

Probably the same number of times that we stopped to make G happy by taking a picture with a tree.  This trail does have some cool trees!


D actually cooperated today. TJ was on the low side, but no major crashes or spikes, just a nice steady number (probably because I gave him a couple lifesavers uncovered).
TJ has gotten really good on his scooter. He was coasting down hills like a pro! And was riding his brake to slow down when needed. I was really impressed by his riding today.

Tony spotted a birds nest in the blackberry vines. It was an interesting nest, I wonder what type of bird built it.

So cool!

It’s funny how hard it is to convince everyone to go to one of the trails, since we always have fun and see awesome things on our walks.

It makes me want to go for hikes as a family to see even more. Sadly, that’s a long ways off for this family. TJ prefers to ride and that would be difficult on a hiking trail. Plus Tony doesn’t like to drive very far to go for a walk. I will just enjoy what we have for now, and hope for more fun in nature together in the future.


 I just looked back over my year in review from 2014 and thought that I should do the same thing for this year, especially since I haven’t written as much this year. 😁

We went to the pacific science center.

  The boys got to celebrate their birthdays at RR! Yum!


And have a family party at home.


Poor kiddo got sick at his own birthday party.

He finally felt well enough for a cupcake that evening.

There has been a lot of building with Legos (and taking apart- G’s favorite thing to do is take the Lego guys completely apart 😱)

   And a few family game times.


We had family photos taken and he really got good smiles from my boys (all by use of fart sounds)  

We had some lows   

Poor TJ had to drink (or eat) in his sleep a few times to bring his BGS back up.


But he still had fun during the days! We love our back yard!


The boys made their own strawberry toast.   

G started sleeping in a big boy bed!     
We were given the table I grew up with.


Tony fixed the bench that goes with it. 

 The boys learned how to do some chores.


I found out G likes to drink tea.  
We tried planting some veggies in the spring. Although we didn’t get any food in the end.  Luckily a friends mom kept us well stocked with their overflow of cucumbers, zucchini, and green beans.   

TJ has come a long way in his reading! He is also learning to multiply and can add and subtract up to 3digit numbers with regrouping.  
Through out the year we’ve our highs 


And we’ve had some lows

  But that’s just part of the roller coaster we call life. 

   We had more fun at the pacific science center




  And the Seattle center

I got lots of snuggles.  

We dog sat a lot!

With spring came a bubble machine.  

And footie pajamas
 And illness. 😕

We shared some exciting news.

The boys ran in the sprinklers.

Went for walks on our local trails.  G asks to stop at this tree and take a picture every time we pass it.

More dog sitting and walking. 😜

We went to Aunt Cheri’s birthday party at  the lake (even though we were just getting over something)

More fun at the PSC

Learning how our bodies work.

   May brought sorrow. We lost our baby right at 12 weeks. It was heartbreaking, but we were surrounded with love and prayer.

Plus, banana splits. Banana splits helped get me through.

As summer came we spent more time outside (we were blessed with a beautiful warm summer!)

Went for more walks.



 Summer marked TJs 1st day of 2nd grade.

We got a pool (or 2-the first one was cut)

We had good days

  And joined an art co-op


  Ate lunches outside.


And spent lots of time in the sunshine.

G went to the allergist and had a scratch test to see if he had outgrown his egg allergy yet. No such luck, plus he’s allergic to grass and tree pollen.

 TJ went back to Panther Camp and had so much fun!

G spent lots of time with mommy.


It was tough for G to leave his brother behind. We went to a lake to visit a friend from out of town.

  We went to the museum of flight with Papa.




TJ learned to ride a bike with no training wheels! Thanks to an awesome friend teaching him (after I gave up)

We replaced our tub in the master bathroom.


Oh, how awful it was getting that tub in!   But we found ways to keep the boys busy while we worked. (Tiny movie theater)  

With fall came some crazy weather   

That same tree


And rain  but a very memorable walk! And play date.

With October came the memory of the belly picture I was planning to recreate. But instead I get this picture

Plus family camp!

   G hated the drop off this year. Cried every time and didn’t want us to go (he never does that!) he managed to have fun while we were gone though.


TJ hurt his finger and had his first xray.

For the first time ever we trick or treated at the mall.
Luckily it cleared up a little later, so we got to trick or treating out side too.


Tony taught TJ some origami.  

The boys snuggled under blankets as the weather got colder.

We got a little snow (very little) and had some fun.

The boys had an awesome Christmas! 

G refused to sit with or talk to Santa this year.

 Santa brought them scooters anyway! 

We’ve been spending our Christmas break sick (again) tummy bug made its rounds and then a cold that hits the chest hard. G even got a nebulizer because he was wheezing and coughing so much.

But he’s only needed it twice in 5 days.



Over all it’s been one crazy year. Fun in the sun and snow, and illness and sadness. We made it through together and my hope for next year is health and more fun together as a family. 💜 

Happy New Year!

Pumpkin Patch Visit 2015!

If I only blogged once a  year, this would probably be the post I would share every year.  I love the pumpkin patch pictures of the kids (and Tony and I too–when we are captured).  G was especially active this year, most of his pictures are fuzzy, so I apologize in advance for any fuzzy action shots. 😉

DSC_0114  The pumpkin patch we always go to had a couple of fun picture spots. The boys actually enjoyed getting in those shots. DSC_0116  TJ surprised me by his self posing for pictures and partial cooperation in the photo shoot (he normally gets out of photos if he can).DSC_0119DSC_0120 DSC_0121 DSC_0122 DSC_0123The selection was pretty small this year, so we only picked out one to take home and carve.

DSC_0124 I’m not sure why TJ was touching his nose in this picture, I’ll have to ask him. DSC_0126 He’s always trying to show us how strong his is!DSC_0127 We had to stop our fun for a couple minutes and check TJ’s blood sugar level.  He was low when we left, and after a couple of treats he was starting to climb high, but a quick check and bolus and we were back in the fun of things and ready to go on with the photo-shoot. 😉

Daddy came out from behind the camera to help them decide which pumpkin would come home with us.

DSC_0129 and put it in the wheel barrow.DSC_0130 DSC_0131 G thought the pumpkins were chairs.DSC_0133

DSC_0136We had to come up with a new way to take our standard

boys in the wheelbarrow with pumpkins shots. DSC_0139TJ was just too big,

so he got to be the driver. DSC_0141

DSC_0144G didn’t feel safe with TJ in charge.DSC_0157

He felt safer with both feet on the ground. DSC_0161DSC_0148DSC_0134 TJ got to help us wheel the pumpkin over to the scales to get it weighed. DSC_0176  DSC_0182Daddy took over when TJ got tired.DSC_0183

We got our pumpkin weighed DSC_0184but not the two big ones. 😉 DSC_0187We managed to get in and out just in time! The weather turned just as we were getting back in the car and shortly after we got home it started raining.DSC_0117 I sure do love all the smiles with lots of pumpkins!

I almost forgot to add in this picture! It was my way of making up for the photo I expected to take with the boys and the pregnancy belly. It didn’t turn out exactly as I envisioned it, but it is a cute picture and will fill its purpose. It took some time and energy to get the boys to cooperate, which will be a fun memory in itself. 😉


Sweet boys loving their mommy. ❤

I wasn’t planning to go…

The hospital where TJ was diagnosed puts on a little kids camp every summer. It’s just a short 2.5 hour party with activities for the kids and a free lunch. The boys have enjoyed it every time we’ve gone and the first couple years we went my parents came too. It was a fun time for parents get to meet and talk to other T1 parents and for our little T1’s to play together and feel normal since there are so many other kids there going through the same thing: pumps and dexcoms are visible and fingers being poked all around. 

I usually am excited for this and ready to take the family Tony would take the day off from work) and we’d have fun. This year I wasn’t excited, or all that interested. TJ is on the high end of the age range for this “camp” and I was thinking I would let last year be our last year for attending.  Tony hadn’t requested the day off and other families we usually see there weren’t going, plus we had to keep up on TJs school work. (I’m really trying to keep him on a 5 days a week school week for 2nd grade and get as much done before fall as we can.) So today I told the boys they could wear comfy pants and I put on my yoga pants and a hoodie. I put on minimal make up and braided my hair for a lazy day at home. We were working through TJs schoolwork when I got a text message from Tony. 

    So, suddenly it was a race to get TJs schoolwork done and the kids and I into clothes we can go out in public wearing.  (TJ and I just needed to change into capris/shorts)

We got everything done and were ready when Tony got home so we could all drive to Tacoma together (parking sucks by the church where they host the event)

  The boys got to fish

They did some crafts and visited with friends.

G got his face painted! He asked for a penguin and when he was told she couldn’t do that he asked for a monkey (something else she couldn’t do). Then she started suggesting things that she could do and as soon as he heard ninja turtle he was happy again.

TJ wasn’t interested in face painting this year, so I got some butterflies for me. 😬 

With glitter, of course! 😉

We had fun visiting with friends we hadn’t seen in a while (some we haven’t seen since last year at this camp). Although I always feel like I can’t spend very much time visiting because I’m following my kids from activity to activity.

The boys got balloon animals too. They both picked something they came up with all on their own. G picked this

Can you figure out what it is? It’s a monkey (on a palm tree–not requested) with wings! 

TJ wanted this

Figure that one out? It’s a snake with wings. (I said better a snake than a spider with wings!!!) apparently my boys think everything should be able to fly. 😜

All in all it was a fun day, plus daddy came home early, so that’s like another weekend day! 😁 Too bad he has to work tomorrow. 

 Although I have to say, he’s been working 6am-2:30 this week and that has been so nice! He’s home before 3:30 and we dont have to rush through dinner and bed time. That will change back to his normal schedule soon, but then he’ll have some time off! He took a little over a week off to do a (not so fun) project. 😕 But he’ll be home, so it will be like a work at home vacation, right? 😜

Oh! I have to show you! When we cleaned G’s face paint off (with baby wipes, while shopping) it looked like he had blue eyeliner on. So funny! 

I guess it didn’t really show up in the pictures, but can you tell he’s tired? 😳

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