Guessing games

Birthday parties are a guessing game with type 1 diabetes. Sometimes we guess right and sometimes not. Today we guessed wrong. We went to a birthday party at a bouncy house place and the boys played super hard! They were red faced and sweaty when it was time to eat. Which is good, it shows they were having fun, but it can mean lots of lows for a kid with T1D, like TJ. He was already running low before we even got there and had 2 tabs in the car on the way. He was in the 90’s most of his play time and had a down angled arrow on Dex when it was time to eat. We decided to only dose him for part of his lunch to keep him from crashing later. He had a juice before he ate a hotdog, some chips, grapes, and cake. While he was eating Dex changed to show 2 straight up arrows. He didn’t eat all his chips but he did gobble down a small slice of cake. We waited as his blood sugars when up, anticipating the crash from playing hard. This is what his Dex shows 2 hours after the party.

So much for that plan. I had him dose for 30 carbs, and now we wait for it to come down. He may still crash in a couple hours, but I’m not going to wait and find out. We will just deal with that when and if it happens.

The saying is kid first diabetes second, and that’s what happened today. Even though we did what we thought best, we don’t always get it right. And that’s ok. Because he was a normal kid at a birthday party. He had fun, and that’s what’s important. We can deal with the blood sugar aftermath-no matter which way it goes.


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