Trying to stay alive and healthy

Normally when I’m blogging about keeping someone alive it’s about TJ and high or low blood sugars but this time, its about me.

Something that started causing me worry while I was pregnant was suddenly Having high blood pressure. Every time I went to the urgent care for my sinus infection, the Dr mentioned that it was high. I noticed on my Fitbit that my heart rate was high at odd times too. So, I borrowed my moms blood pressure monitor and started tracking it, so I had some info to show my midwife. When I saw her she said that since I was under 20 weeks pregnant it was not caused by the pregnancy (preeclampsia) and that I just had chronic high blood pressure. Then we lost Peter, spent some time in the hospital for that, and they were monitoring my BP while we were there because it was still high. My blood work came back while I was in the hospital and it showed that it was preeclampsia, which was really odd, since I was under 20 weeks. But that since it was preeclampsia, that my BP should go back to normal after delivery. And it was lower on the day they let me leave, but then it wasn’t. Over the next few days it was still high. I went to check in with my midwife, for a BP check, and it was still high. She ordered another blood draw and told me to go to the ER if it went over 160/100-if either number was over. And to schedule an appointment with my primary care physician to figure out what was going on with my BP.

I went to see my PCP and she said I was still post partum, so it was still preeclampsia and she had to consult with the OB and then she put me on BP meds. I questioned if she was going to order any other tests to try to figure out what was causing this issue, but she replied that it was just the hormones (pregnancy). I started taking the meds that day and kept checking my BP. It was lower, but it started creeping back up to the high range.

I visited her again 10 days later and she ordered an ultrasound of my liver. She based this off blood work that was over 10 days old (from before my first visit with her). She didn’t tell me where to go for the ultrasound and when I called the nurse told me “probably here”. But she couldn’t verify and I couldn’t schedule it until it was approved (approved by whom?!?) and that could take a day or two. She also referred me to an OB. I was so frustrated by the time I got home that I was crying. This is scary, and I’m not getting any real help. I called the ob she referred me to (I was told to see him in 2 weeks) the earliest appointment was 3 weeks out and not at the Bonney lake office. More frustration and more tears. So, I messaged my midwife, told her about my frustrating visit/referral to another OB and asked if I could just see the OB in her office (if already met her and her office is in Bonney lake). I was surprised when she called me back within half an hour. (The last time I had messaged her I got no response). She listened to my frustrations and said it would be no problem for me to see the OB there. She also said they had wanted my primary care Dr to look into what caused this strange high blood pressure. She said she would talk to the Dr in the morning and call me back the next afternoon. She called the next morning. Ordered a liver ultrasound and blood work and when I talked to her later, she helped me plan when to get the blood work and when to schedule an appointment with the Dr. I called and scheduled my ultrasound less than 30 minutes after she told me it was ordered (although it’s a week out) and scheduled a Dr appt for a couple days after that. Now I wait. Hoping that I’m ok, and that whatever’s wrong will be easily fixed. I’m tired of the drama and the worry, I need to be here and healthy to take care of my family.


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