Funeral planning and more drama

Yesterday was such a crazy and emotional day. We started out meeting with the funeral home and then the cemetery to arrange for Peters burial and headstone. We planned his funeral for Wednesday afternoon, that was emotional enough for one day. After we were done we stopped by my parents house to pick up G and were visiting with my parents for a bit, relaxing and chatting. Then I got a voicemail from TJs school. He had a fever and the nurse asked if I could pick him up. I called the nurse and told her we would be there shortly, then loaded up G and all his things and headed up the hill to the school. TJ looked pretty miserable, the nurse said his fever was 100 degrees, he needed my help to walk to the car. We got home and watched a movie (I took a nap on the couch). When I woke up TJ still had a fever, after we’d given him some children’s IB. Then I started worrying it might be strep throat. So, I had tony look in his throat for white spots and called the pediatrician to see if we should bring him in. I ended up deciding, to take him to urgent care to find out if it was strep throat, because if it was we could get him on antibiotics and hopefully TJ would be better soon. So I dragged him to the urgent care 2 towns over and checked him in. Tony stayed home with G to make dinner and get G to bed on time.

Poor TJ was miserable the whole time we were at urgent care. He kept asking if we could go home. We waited over an hour and I kept thinking, maybe we should just go home, he would be more comfortable in his bed. But the. The hour and a half would’ve been wasted for nothing, so we kept waiting. At about the 2 hour mark, we were called back and I had to wake TJ up to get him to go back. They took TJs vitals and put him in a room. The nurse asked lots of question and then said she would do a strep test and a flu test. Flu had not even entered my thoughts.

He was swabbed in his nose and in his throat and then we waited, 5 minutes for the strep test and 15 for the flu. TJ fell asleep again, the poor kid. I was texting Tony to keep him updated, it was almost 8 pm at this point. The physicians assistant came in and said TJ was negative for strep but positive for Influenza A. He talked down tamiflu, saying not many doctors are prescribing it because it typically only lessens the flu by 1 day but that it can make it less contagious. I asked for tamiflu. We had to switch pharmacies because Costco closes at 8:30 and we wouldn’t be able to get up the hill by then. So I requested Safeway, because we had used them before. We finally get to Safeway and the pharmacy tech said they didn’t have any in stock, that it would be in by 11am the next day. I said that I needed it tonight (the sooner he started it the better it would work) and asked if she could call rite aid (just across the street) and see if they had any. She did and they did, then she told me it would be a bit because she had to type up the prescription to fax it over. When I asked if she knew about how long that would take, she snapped at me and said when we can get to it.

So, I grabbed some children’s Tylenol and a bunch of Gatorade and headed to a register you buy it and get back to the car where TJ was waiting for me. He didn’t want to get out of the car at either pharmacy. I drove over to rite aide and went back to the pharmacy. They hadn’t received the prescription form Safeway yet, but the tech took all our info so we would be ready when it came. I wandered around rite aide, I ended up in the candy aisle and bought some red vines, which I then ate while I continued to wander and wait. Not the healthiest snack, I know. Eventually the prescription came in and I picked it up and headed back to the car. I convinced TJ to drink some Snapple tea (tony had sent with us) and we headed home.

When we got home I tried to get TJ to get out of the car and he said,”I want to stay in the car” I told him he didn’t because we were home. 😜 he came in, ate a yogurt (all he wanted for dinner-at 9pm) I gave him his first dose of tamiflu and Tony got him to poke his finger for a bg check, tested for ketones, and drink a few sips of Gatorade, giving him insulin for all his carbs and his blood sugar.

Then we went upstairs and made a temporary bed for him in our spare room. I didn’t want him sharing his germs with his brother while they slept.

After TJ was settled in, Tony walked on the treadmill while I embroidered a little blanket for Peter to be buried with. Then I went to bed and feeling overwhelmed by everything we are dealing with right now, I cried myself to sleep. Tony came in and tried to comfort me, and get me to walk on the treadmill, but I was just done for the day.

He woke up in the middle of the night with a tummy ache, and again at 5 am when we gave him another dose of Tylenol. Tony and I managed to sleep in until almost 9 am before we had to get up and feed the boys and get ready for the day. I decided to keep TJ quarantined today in his sick room. Tony set up a tv in there and I got him his kindle, and some books. Hopefully this will minimize the spreading of germs.

Plus he’s in the same room as our Saint Panteleimon icon, so we will just ask him to intercede for TJ to have a quick recovery, and to keep the rest of us from getting sick. Saint Panteleimon pray to God for us!


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