The Battle Against Ketones

You know how worried you get when your kid has a sore throat or a fever? A parent of a kid with T1D has an extra level of worry. Not only can blood sugars be too high (or too low-depending on the illness) but even if they are in range we have to worry about ketones.

TJ has been sick today and even though he has mostly been in range, he’s had ketones all day. I’ve been giving him extra insulin and making him drink lots of water trying to get them out if his system, but they are still there. I’ve been trying to bring them down, but they’ve been going up and down. He’s hardly eaten anything (a normal mom worry) but has been getting lots of extra finger pokes (to check for ketones and how high they are).

I’ve texted Tony more times today (while he’s at work) than I would normally. Just letting him know how TJ is feeling, his blood sugar, ketone levels, and what I’ve been doing to get rid of the ketones.

It’s pretty frustrating that the insulin I give him to bring down his blood sugar and get rid of the ketones can kill him if I give him too much. There is no exact science to know how much insulin will get rid of the ketones with out crashing his blood sugar to a dangerous low, so I give some and wait and then give a little more.

I spent the day sitting on the couch with my boys just snuggling and watching movies. My kitchen is a disaster and I haven’t worked on any projects I’m trying to get done. Even now that the boys are in bed, I’m still going up and poking periodically and dosing, but I’m too exhausted to get anything done.

We have been very lucky that TJ hasn’t had ketones very many times and that we’ve been able to get rid of them at home. If they get too high and don’t come down, it means a trip to the hospital. I thank God that we haven’t had to go back to the hospital since his diagnosis.

Sorry if this is just a long ramble. It’s diabetes awareness month and I guess this is my awareness post. It was too long for a Facebook post, so I decided to make it a blog post.

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