The highs and lows of fun

We had lots of fun at the event JDRF put on at Oddessy 1 in Tacoma. The boys played arcade games and won tickets to earn prizes. They got to play with their T1 friends and their siblings in a big play area with tunnels and climbing areas. While I visited with some of my Dmom friends who understand how tough life is with T1D.

Having never been to Oddessy 1 before, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I thought it would be a big play area or bouncy house place which meant that TJs blood sugar “bgs” would drop from all the activity. So I put TJ on a temp basal (which changes how much insulin he gets every hour into his body) to 75%-giving him less insulin to keep his bgs higher-hopefully keeping him in range during all the fun.

When we first arrived the boys were given tokens to play arcade games. Then I wondered if I should cancel his temp basal, light activity doesn’t (usually) crash bgs. But I left it, hoping that he didn’t go too high.

A couple friends who have been there many times told the boys about the play area on the other side of the building, so we all headed over there. I sat with my friends and talked while the boys ran and climbed and played. After that they played laser tag and ran around some more. I was glad that I had left his temp basal on at this point because even with it giving him less insulin he was starting to slowly drop. I gave him a few fruit snacks (he splits the pack with his little brother) and then we all headed in to play laser tag! Moms and G (he was afraid to go in with out me) against TJ and his 6 friends. We had fun running around shooting each other, surprising each other as we rounded corners and laughing so hard! The kids won, but they out numbered us, it doesn’t really count right? šŸ˜œ

The only picture I got that night. Guess I was too busy talking to my friends.

After all that fun we said our goodbyes and headed home (a 45 minute drive šŸ˜¢ at 8 o’clock at night). That’s when TJs bgs started dropping hard, just as we got in the car.

See where the line turns red? That is when he was double arrows down and 70, a scary place for his blood sugars to be. Luckily we had plenty of sugary treats to catch it before he got much lower. He ate one of his prizes that he bought with his tickets: a sour straw then Dexcom showed him 1 arrow down and he said he was really hungry. I gave a small airhead the JDRF coordinators provided for lows at the event. I’m so thankful they gave us some of the leftover lows treats because I knew where they were and could easily grab them while driving.

TJs bgs came up into range and his temp basal stopped itself (we had set it for 4 hours). We finally got home and the boys were in their beds when I noticed Dexcom showed TJs bg spiking over 200 with a straight up arrow. Then I started wondering if I should dose for his high bg. If I dose him it will bring his numbers back into range, but all his activity earlier in the evening can cause delayed lows to happen while he’s sleeping. If there are no delayed lows he will run high all night long which can also be dangerous.

I decided to not dose him and see if he had a delayed drop from all the fun he had.

Looks like I made the right call (this time). He came down over night and was even a little low this morning, with no extra insulin.

This disease looks so easy from the outside. T1s just count carbs and get insulin and can live a normal life, right? No, that’s just a small part of it. There are so many other things that we have to think about every day and many times we are guessing and praying that we guessed correctly. This is why caregivers and people with T1D burn out they are constantly thinking about T1D and second guessing their decisions. It’s something we think about 24/7/365, whether TJ is with us or not, when he’s sleeping or awake. This is why we need to find a cure for Type 1 Diabetes.


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