Even when you do everything right

Diabetes can still beat you. This disease is so frustrating because no matter how good you are at taking care of it, it still throws curveballs that you can’t predict, you just have to be prepared to react.

We battle blood sugars to keep this boy alive 24/7/365. Most of the time we are able to keep his numbers between 80 and 200 but then Diabetes pulls random crap and forces us to re-strategize, change pump settings, and fight harder.

This has been one of those months.

His blood sugars would spike every night. I changed his basal rates in larger amounts than I have ever changed them before and still couldn’t get his numbers into range overnight. I even called the Endocrinologist for help adjusting his sensitivity (how much insulin the pump will give to bring down high blood sugar). The nurse I spoke to was surprised by how much I had changed his basal rates since our last appointment 3 months ago. But, after she consulted two other nurses, the changes they suggested were even more basal insulin at night and a much more aggressive sensitivity factor than was previously programmed in his pump (in other words: I made appropriate adjustments).

Two nights of the new settings and I’m ready to bump them up again. He’s still high all night. But we are not giving up!

What is causing this struggle? My guess is a growth spurt. It could be other hormones pumping through his veins at night or stress, or maybe because we have been less active this summer. It could be any number of factors. I’ve heard this is going to get even worse once puberty hits, and he’s getting really close to that 😳.

The good news is that, right now, he doesn’t realize the battles we engage in for him. He’s living life (granted with more to think about and deal with than most kids), having fun, and mostly sleeping through the night, while we fight this battle for him. When he’s an adult and living on his own, it will become his battle. But for now, we wake up in the middle of the night to fight, and mostly win, this battle for him.


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  1. Shauna

    Spot on… I can relate on so many levels! Thank you for sharing your story!


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