Why we gave up on the 670G

While TJs A1c dropped every time we went to the Endo, the closed loop purpose was lost in translation.

We started Medtronic’s 670G system thinking that we would spend less time thinking about Diabetes/numbers and have more time to just live a normal life. Unfortunately Medtronic’s sensors are still so finicky/sensitive that this was not the case.

We had (maybe) 3 weeks of good sensors/numbers where we thought that this system could work for our family.

But since those 3 weeks were spread out over 6 months, it was definitely not working.

Most of the time we had to think MORE about numbers/diabetes than we were before the closed loop. We had to keep reminding TJ to check his sensor bg before poking (to make sure they were less than 30% off) where as with Dexcom, it wouldn’t matter.

Always having to ask him for his bg (because it only shows on his pump) was also frustrating for him and us.

This poor kid started yelling at his pump because it kept asking for a bg (even right after he entered a bg). The dreaded loop happened more often than not and really made it tough on our poor boy. He was the one that had to clear the repetitive aperts, because they alerted on his pump, not on a separate device. Although, at night, he still slept through every alert, even if we couldn’t hear them because he was sleeping on his pump.

This is how happy he was to switch back to Dexcom and to the new G6 system. While we haven’t seen 100% accuracy from this CGM, it has been close, and I don’t hear my son yelling at his pump/CGM about whether or not he should calibrate. And that feels like a win to me.

We had plenty of issues with the Medtronic 670G auto-mode, accuracy and the “enter a bg” loop were just a part of why we decided to switch back to Dexcom. The sensors rarely lasted a full 7 days and were more often than not inaccurate enough to frustrate the entire family. I know that it still brought our sons A1c down a little hit every 4 months, but it was still too frustrating to make it “worth it” for us. I know there are people out there who love this system, unfortunately, it wasn’t our experience. I look forward to trying the Tslim/Dexcom closed loop, when we are eligible for a new pump, until then, we will use the Dexcom CGM and Medtronic’s pump.


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