A visit from Abuela

Tony’s cousin was married this month, which brought some if his family into town.

Their ring bearer was especially adorable!One member of his family we were especially excited about visiting was Tony’s mom! The boys Abuela (grandma, in Spanish) has been staying with us and we have been enjoining every minute!

The boys got to spend the night at my parents house while we went to the wedding, but other than that they have been with Abuela every possible moment!

we went to Chrystal Mountain and took the Gondola ride to the top with her, and more family that came for the wedding. It was the boys first visit with Uncle Tito, Aunt LouAnn, and cousin Cassandra!

We went to northwest trek and saw some animals with her, (and even more wedding guests)

We went to a local river where the boys had fun in the water and Abuela and I sat and watched before we all (except Tony-he had to work 😢) took a short walk on the nearby trail.

We visited Ruston Point, in Tacoma, and had lots of fun! We rented a surrey and rode it up and down the waterfront, had lunch on the water and enjoyed some ice cream cones.

We’ve had some restful days at home too, and Abuela has been teaching my boys how to play slots on her phone.We’ve played board games

Or watched movies together and gone for walks on our street.

Gabriel even learned how to make coffee for her!

Luckily we get to keep her with us for more fun adventures. We are loving having her with us (and trying to convince her to come again next year).


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