Between the Storms

Just your average Thursday at the Ortiz home. Except there were no sub jobs today, so mommy stayed home. The boys got their school work done early and it stopped raining, so….. we went on a short hike.

We went to our local Foothills trail and headed east on the new section, the boys have been asking to take a muddy cutoff from the trail since we passed it our first time walking this section of trail. It’s about a half hour walk from the parking lot to the cut off but they were excited to go further once we left the paved trail.

It was VERY muddy and slippery in some areas, but it was beautiful. Lots of time walking near the river.

We saw some cool wildlife: goldfinch, sparrows, and snails! The boys stopped to watch skimmer bugs at the edge of the river for a bit too!

Part of the trail was treacherous and of course that was the boys favorite part. Walking along the wall from rock to rock, trying to stay out of the water isn’t my idea of fun, but it’s all they talked about after we made it past-how much fun it would be to do it again on the way back.

Both boys ended up with wet shoes and socks, apparently it’s fun to stand in the river until your shoes are full of cold water and then walk 2.75 miles back to the car.

I only tracked our return trip, because I didn’t have a full battery on the way out and didn’t want to be stranded with no cellphone in an emergency.

All together we hiked/walked almost 5.5 miles! And they didn’t whine very much on the return trip. G did a little, but quit pretty quick when I explained his ankles and toes hurt from the wet socks.

We missed daddy on this hike, but hope to take him out with us next time, and pack a lunch so we can go even further!

And we missed the rain! We were sprinkled on a bit but for the most part the sky was blue. Now the next storm has rolled in and TJs game tonight has just been rained out (I’m not sad about that) šŸ˜œ Maybe I can bribe the boys into getting our house cleaning chores done today by offering a movie when they are done…..


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