Allergy shots or not

Poor G has terrible seasonal allergies. He’s on three different allergy meds to keep him from being miserable and sometimes, he’s still miserable even with all those meds. He had his annual allergy and asthma checkup today and the Dr once again brought up allergy shots. I’m leaning toward doing it, but Tony isn’t convinced. I’ve heard from the Dr and friends who have had them that it greatly reduces the reaction to the allergies or can eliminate them entirely. Which would mean fewer to no allergy meds for G-(which he takes every day!)

The down side is that he’d need to get another scratch test and then, once they mix the serum, shots starting at once or twice a week and working his way down to once a month for one to three years.

Tony really doesn’t want G to have to go through all those shots but I really don’t want him on adult allergy meds (even though the Dr said they are “safe meds”) for his entire childhood.

Looks like Tony and I have some more talking to do, but I’d love to hear what you think. Have you had allergy shots? Did they work?


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