6 Years Strong

We were going to go to the zoo, on April 3rd, a Tuesday, during my spring break. After we took TJ to the Dr expecting to be told we were over worried (crazy parents), we were going to go to the zoo.

Six years later on Tuesday, April 3rd, during my spring break we went to the zoo. We almost didn’t make it. TJ was punched in the eye by his little brother on water morning (for getting in his face and repeatedly yelling “it’s Easter!”🙄) he seemed ok all day Easter, but the next morning woke up with a very swollen bloodshot eye, which he couldn’t open. We went to the Dr on Monday and she said pain meds and 24hrs time should heal it but if he wasn’t feeling better by the next day to call back for a referral to an ophthalmologist. I was a little worried this Tuesday would be another crazy medical issue day, but he woke up feeling better! So, we finally made it to the zoo! But first, we hiked.

After a quick calibration poke to get TJs cgm working (we just inserted a new sensor this morning).

We hiked Point Defiance again. We really have fun hiking around the point! We see different wildlife each visit, this trip we saw deer, a squirrel, a woodpecker, and a humming bird. We’ve seen an owl and a bald eagle on previous trips.

We love getting some exercise in the woods!

After a 4 mike hike, a picnic lunch, and a couple snacks, we headed to the zoo. It’s super convenient, since we park in the zoo parking lot to go hiking.

We saw some animals that haven’t been out much on our last few visits.

Like the clouded leopard! Finally! I think this is the first time we’ve seen them since they had cubs!

And the lemurs.

After our fun (and exhausting) day hiking and walking around seeing the animals, we stopped at a restaurant for dinner on our way home.

We stopped in Tacoma so we could eat on the waterfront. A beautiful view for dinner! TJ got one of his favorite dinners: mini corn dogs. He also got full sugar root beer, fruit salad, carrots, French fries and honey mustard, and a crazy big “dirt cup”. He dosed for 100 carbs for his dinner, not counting his special dessert. We expected a small pudding dessert and were shocked to see how big it was.

He sure enjoyed it!

It was a full, exhausting, fun day to celebrate one strong, brave boy! His life is far from perfect and he has many days where he hates T1D and doesn’t want to poke his finger. But he does it (eventually). We choose to celebrate this day because we are winning the battle. We have a strong son who is living and fighting to live every day. He goes through so much that other kids don’t, so an extra day of joy and festivity every year is definitely earned. He’s alive! And more than that, he’s thriving in spite (and because of) his new pump sites every 3 days, his new sensor insertion every 5-7 days, and his 5-15 finger pokes EVERY SINGLE DAY-whether he wants to or not.

Our sleepless nights, and all the drama that comes with this terrible disease is worth it because it keeps our little warrior alive.💜


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  1. Shauna T

    Wonderfully written… love your honesty! Hang in there…


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