Really it was just Tony that got almost a full week off, I still took some sub jobs. But we did have a couple of fun days off together and took advantage of them to do more than just sit around the house being lazy.

We took the boys bowling for the first time. And went to a really cool bowling alley that had an underwater theme.

They really enjoyed it and we ended up staying an extra hour!

On our next family day we went to the zoo.

We checked out some animals

Ate our packed lunch and looked at the fish and some more animals.

Then we paused to treat a low

TJ loves being low, because then he gets something sweet to eat.

G likes lows too, because sometimes, when TJ is low, he gets a sweet treat too. Fruit leather for the win!

Then we were back at it, walking around and checking out the animals. We were a little sad because some things weren’t open. We missed the budgies and goats and the otters and seals. But we got to listen to the male walrus whistle! It was so loud! And his breath smelled very fishy. We got to see the walruses in their night time area, and all 3 girls were sleeping in the sun, but the male was right up against the wall so we could look down (maybe 2 feet) and he was right there whistling so loud, you could hear him across the zoo, but the girl walruses just ignored him and slept on.

Tony made friends with a huge bumble bee. It really liked Tony’s hat, but flew away after a little bit-must’ve figured out that Tony wasn’t a flower.

We went out for dinner too, mainly because I didn’t feel like cooking dinner or cleaning up after, and neither did Tony.

It sure was nice to take a couple days and spend them doing something fun as a family. And can you see it? The mountain was out today!


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