The Last Time

That’s what I kept thinking today. This is the last time I will unlock the door and go into this school.

This the the last time I will see the smiling faces of all the friends and work family of the past 9+ years of my life.

This is the last time I will teach these kids.

It’s, probably, the last time I will walk through any school and know 80% of the kids by name.

My last recess at this school.

My last lunch in this lunchroom.

This is the last walk on my lunch/break with Cheryl and Claire.

The last time I’ll walk through the courtyard and see the yellow and blue


At times I wished all I would see/think were what pushed me and gave me reasons to quit in the first place. The frustrations, the poor decisions, the lack of care about my families needs, because then I wouldn’t cry. I would walk out with my anger, feeling justified. But in the end I’m so glad I’m leaving with the love and affection of my coworkers, who will be deeply missed. The faces that made me wait for multiple reasons before I quit, because how could I work in a school without their support? I will definitely miss most of the people that I have worked with over the last 9 years! And still feel a little bad about abandoning my team. But I definitely felt God calling me to move on and he gave me so many signs, that I couldn’t wait any longer. Thank you to all of my work family who may have made me cry repeatedly today, but who showed me the appreciation and affection that all the other drama had blurred out. 💜

God gave me another sign of reassurance today too. 😊

Seeing this little rainbow on my way to work just helped me feel (once again) that this is all part of the plan. I’m so glad, even through the sadness of leaving behind so many, that I’m on track and doing what is best for my family. 💜


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