Ortiz Christmas 2017

This Christmas Eve and Christmas are different from any previous Christmas we’ve spent as a family.

We started our Christmas Eve doing some yoga. I actually got the boys to join me (although TJ really needs to work on his form 😜) and G really seemed to enjoy it.

We did a little shopping, and then went for a walk on our local trail. My parents dog got to go for a walk too (she’s staying with us for a little while again. 😊) G had to wear his dads jester Santa hat all day. We made it all the way to the second bench! My plan was to wear these boys out, so they would nap, and it worked! After lunch both of them actually slept during nap time! But I also wore myself out, and didn’t get much done.

When they woke up we watched Christmas movies while we waited for Dad to get home from work. We were planning to go to a Christmas Eve party with Tony’s Family before heading to church. But Mother Nature had different plans. It started snowing!

TJ spent the rest of the evening outside playing in the snow.

Except when he came in for dinner, once Tony got home. After driving home in the snow, Tony didn’t think it would be safe to go visit his family, especially since it was still snowing. So we stayed in, and continued watching Christmas movies (except for TJ). The boys got to open their Christmas Eve gifts at home (for the first time ever). They got new PJs, an activity book, and a small toy.

They wore their new pjs to church, in the snow. We went to a local Roman Catholic Church, so we could get there and back safely. Then it was back home to put the boys to bed, so that St. Nick could visit. Tony and I finally made it to bed at 1 am with a quick prayer that our boys would sleep in past 7… and they did! Or at least right around 7, which is sleeping in (for our early risers). I popped breakfast in the oven and kept the boys out of their presents until our Christmas visitors arrived. We had Grandma, Papa, and Madrina spend Christmas morning with us, opening presents, going through stockings, and eating a yummy breakfast. When they headed home to get ready for the rest of their day, we got geared up to play in the snow!

That dog loves to catch snowballs!

And we had a fun snowball fight! Then we got ready to visit the rest of my local family and have Christmas dinner. The Boys even got to play a couple of games with Papa and their cousins! It was nice visiting family, a very yummy Christmas dinner, and we made it home before 6pm.

It was a magical White Christmas! The first white Christmas since I was a kid, that I can remember. I hope your Christmas was wonderful too!


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