Medtronic 670 CGM

We got sensors! So I called and scheduled a training with the Drs office. TJ is currently wearing 2 CGMs a Dexcom G5 and the new Medtronic guardian. I’m curious to see how they compare.

The boys had fun before the training playing on a clinic computer.

I didn’t think to charge the transmitter, so our appointment ended up being over an hour. But we got it figured out. 😁

The rep was impressed that I started up the 670 pump on my own without training-I just put all the settings from the 630 into the 670, no big deal! But she did review and adjust some of his pump settings in addition to getting it all set up for the cgm.

the boys got to play on tablets while I was adjusting pump settings and taking with the rep. 😜 keeps them quiet and happy!

Now that his cgm communicates with his pump, we have a new feature we’ve never tried before: low suspend. Basically, his pump predicts that he’s going to go low, and stops giving him insulin. It already did it today! After we were all done we headed over to the Point Defiance visitors center to turn in coupons for free water bottles (the boys earned them by filling out a field guide on our hikes this summer)

They got their cool new water bottles, and played in the visitor center for awhile.

And then we went to the marina, just a short walk away.

We saw some fish and walked over to where people were lined up fishing, and dropping crab pots. There was a dad, with his kids, there who showed the boys his crab pot, talked about how it worked, and his son even showed the boys the crabs they caught. The boys LOVED it!

While we were learning about crabbing, TJs pump alerted repeatedly because it was time to calibrate the CGM. He ignored it until I told him to clear the alert. 😜 once I dragged them away from the fishermen, and we started driving home, TJ poked and calibrated. It took a LONG time for the pump to calibrate and show a number. In the meantime, dex alerted 150 with 2 straight down arrows. He had just poked at 110, so he must have been dropping fast. I gave the boys each half a pack of fruit snacks and waited to see what happened. About 10 min later the pump alerted and said he was 80 and headed straight down, and started low suspend. At that point dex showed 120 with an up angled arrow, but I just let the pump do its thing. He came back up into range with no spike. And now that he’s eating dinner, he’s on low suspend again (dex shows 82 and steady). He’s having pizza for dinner so it should be an interesting night. 😜 I hope and pray that the guardian is as accurate as I’ve been told and that we are allowed to try out auto mode (the pump adjusts basal insulin all day long, to keep him in range more of the day) soon! If it’s accurate and the algorithms are as good as they say, this could be a lot easier. Unfortunately, it won’t be perfect, there is always a possibility of failure with electronics, and bad pump sites just happen, for no reason, when they are least suspected, but it would be a lot easier-when it works…


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