Moms night out and Ketones

A friend convinced me to use her extra ticket and go to my high school reunion. (I wasn't going to go-Tony didn't want to go and I wasn't that interested either) So, I got dressed up, met my hubby at church and then left the boys with him and headed to the reunion

Earlier in the day:
TJ was having high blood sugars all morning, and it was pump site change day. He got a new pump site and dosed for lunch. Then we got in the car to go to church and I gave the boys a fruit & veggie pouch, to hold them over until dinner.
When we got to church, TJ was over 500. That's when I find out he didn't dose for that pouch. 🙄 He dosed for his high and we waited for the insulin to bring him down into range.

After church, I went one way and they went homeward, high blood sugars and all.
Tony stopped and got teriyaki for dinner and then went home to eat it and watch a movie with the boys-Boys night in!

I was at the reunion reconnecting with old friends when I got a text.

I felt bad, tony had to deal with this all alone.

It was nobody's fault, just a part of dealing with technology. His pump site kinked when I inserted it earlier and we didn't know until he poked his finger for dinner and was over 600. High ketones are not good. It meant that he not only needed insulin for his blood sugar, but he also needed extra insulin to get rid of the ketones, plus he needed to drink lots of water.
I trusted Tony 100% with this, as awful as it was, so I continued to have fun at the reunion.
Tony knew exactly what to do (of course! He's an awesome Ddad–or DoD in the DOC 😜) TJ gave himself a shot, had a new pump site put in, and drank water. Tony did do one thing I might not have, he let the boys stay up until 10 pm (they are normally in bed at 7pm!! 😳😱). He kept them up until TJ was back in range.
They got to stay up and watch Star Wars, so they thought it was the best night ever…well…maybe TJ didn't, since he felt awful, but he was happy he got to stay up so late. (Movie photo is from tonight–not Saturday, I doubt they had popcorn)

I didn't find out until the next day, that not only did his pump site fail, but dex up and died too, for no apparent reason. So all in one day, TJ had 2 new pump sites, 1 shot, and a cgm sensor replaced. Which also meant that Tony didn't know what his blood sugars were doing, he could poke and see where TJ was, but had no arrows to show him if he's steady, going down, or going higher–for 2 hours!

Thank God it ended well, this time. Ketones are no joke, if untreated, they can kill a person with Type 1 diabetes. Many experienced families end up in the hospital when their T1D gets high ketones.

For now we are all once again a happy, healthy family.


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