Paranoid Dmom

Our summer has been full of fun and a little worry.We've been walking our local trail almost every day.

And we've tried out a trail that is a little more like a hike.

It has small hills

And precarious cliffs.

We've been enjoying our mornings together!

We have had a few worried moments about G though. He keeps complaining about his tummy hurting or being full when he's hardly tasted a meal. He's been drinking more water (but it's also been hot). He's lost his baby fat and is looking extremely skinny too!

All these things can add up to a type 1 diabetes diagnosis. The good news is, we are aware, and have supplies at home to alleviate our worry (temporarily). That fear is always there in the back of your
mind-once you have a child diagnosed.

We have checked G's blood sugars more in the last couple weeks than we have over the last 5 years! But (thank God) all his finger pokes have been in range.

So we let our worry go, until the next time he stumbles into the bathroom at 10pm looking for a drink of water.


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