Let him eat eggs! 

Today was the big day! A 4 hour doctor appointment to find out if G can have eggs without swelling/turning red/uncontrollable vomiting. He hasn’t had eggs since he was about 9 months old because he had an anaphylaxis reaction.

Since then he’s gone from have nothing with egg in it, to having breads with egg, to having Mayo and ranch, to having anything with egg baked in-except scrambled eggs in things. He hasn’t reacted to anything we’ve given him at home, since that first time. But he’s had no egg, no (real) French toast, no fried rice….he’s missed out, right?

Plastic eggs! 😜

It hasn’t been too bad, really. But we thought a 4 hour appointment to determine if he can have them now was worth it.  G was a little apprehensive about it though. He cried last night when we were talking about this appointment. That’s when daddy bribed him with an ice cream cone 🍦 for eating eggs at the dr. After 4 years of being told not to eat eggs, now we want him to! 

He did pretty well, considering.

We had to wait a while for the dr to even get to us. 

But tablets make things so much easier. 😜

I tried my best to make warm eggs available for this. I cooked them right before we walked out the door. I made a rice bag warmer and microwaved it to put the warmed glass dish on while we traveled. But the nurse at the doctors office either put it in the fridge or left it out on the counter during the appointment. 😢 So, by the time G got his first bite of egg, it was cold. But with a bunch of ketchup, and a little coaxing, he ate it. 5 bites of increasing size, 15 minutes apart. 

With lots of tablet time in between.
It was a long appointment but the boys enjoyed it (except when G had to take a bite 😝). 


But he ate them all (less than half the egg) like a trooper! And had no reaction!! 🎉🎊🎉

Tablet time was vetoed at dinner. But they got to go out for pizza to celebrate!

And then…the ice cream!!

And bonus: they got to stay up past their bed time in order to get the ice cream! Happy boys, tired parents, just got home and are finally putting the boys to bed. 


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