My crazy Friday (and it’s only 11am)

This morning my boys woke up…then the craziness began. They were both over tired and whined/cried about everything. G didn’t want to fold and put away a pair of his clean shorts that were laying on the floor, so I let it go. We went downstairs and had breakfast after which they usually wipe down their table spot and get started on school work. Not today! TJ spread crumbs all over the floor when clearing his napkin, I asked him to vacuum them up but he decided to vacuum my flip flops and other nearby things instead, so I sent him to his room to think about his decisions. G decided he was too tired to start school work and that he’d rather go to bed (at 7:45am!).  After a little while I checked on them in their room and found them snuggled up in TJs bed. I asked them to get in their own beds but G wanted to stay in TJs, so, TJ got the top bunk for a change. They were tired and wanted to nap (now 8am) so I let them. They talked and played (and I ignored). Then I went up to remind them that it was nap time (insert quiet here) and that if they weren’t quiet they’d have to have nap time again at their regular time. They were quiet (for all of 2 seconds) then G snuck over to the bonus room and started playing with toys. 

I decided to try a “do-over day”. I told them let’s pretend we just got up and had breakfast. What do we need to do now? Make beds, start school work, do chores, play time, lunch, nap time, YMCA time, dinner and movie. That was what I had planned for today…sounds fun to me…nope! Making beds turned into a play session (and a messier room). I informed them that they were welcome to come downstairs as soon say they were done cleaning their room and making their beds. I had to help move the bunk beds so TJ could remake his bed (bottom sheet completely off the top half of his mattress 🙄) and told them I’d help push it back when they were done. They called me up to help and I noticed TJ needed to fix his comforter and how messy the bonus room was (not that bad-maybe 4 toys to put away) so I sent G to the bonus room and waited for TJ to fix his comforter and then pushed the bunkbeds back against the wall. Thinking they are finally ready to get to work, I walk over to the bonus room to find nothing put away, more toys out, and G playing. So, I walked away. They can play until they are ready to pick up. I will sit downstairs and drink my chai (thank you to the angel from buy nothing who delivered my Starbucks chai!!! The Only thing getting me through this morning)

They are still up there, nothing has been accomplished and I’m not fighting with them. But there will be another nap time today….I guess today was meant to be a non productive day…and I need to learn to be ok with that….it’s one of the bonuses of homeschooling, right? 


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