Five Minute Friday: build

I’m really trying to build a better relationship with my kids. For the last seven years my parenting style hasn’t worked. I have a hard time when my kids don’t listen. I tend to get louder, to the point of yelling, when I’m frustrated or annoyed. I realized that I was setting a horrible example for my kids. 

I could see how they interacted with each other (and with myself and my husband) was a direct reflection of how I responded to their behaviors. 

So, I decided to change myself! My hope is that by setting a better example of calm reactions and requests they will slowly learn to respond to stress and frustration calmly and without losing control. 

But it’s extremely difficult to change they way you respond to stress, anger, frustration, and being ignored. I find myself doing really well for awhile (which sometimes gets positive responses from my kids but sometimes I’m still ignored) and then slipping back into my old bad habits. It’s like learning a new language right now. I not only need to speak it, but speak it calmly and remain calm, even when the results are not whey I wanted. 

I find myself turning to prayer and asking God for help. Help me stay calm help me find a consequence that will teach them. Help me teach these these boys how to grow into respectful, hard working, responsible, God fearing men. Maybe if EVERY time I am about to yell, I prayed a silent prayer I could build a better me which would then be reflected in my boys as they grow and model or reflect what they see.
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  1. mharstine

    You’ve shared a lot of wisdom here! It’s so hard to be patient and calm when all you want to do go cray cray, but it makes such a difference on those around us! I remember a mentor at my first job teaching me to respond to upset clients with a calm, steady voice. Hopefully your boys will soon learn from you as you model this new form of self-discipline! #fmfparty


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