What we’ve been up to

I just noticed I haven’t written anything since April! We’ve been too busy being sick, spending time with family and friends, and just generally having fun! But here’s an update:

Summer is finally here!!! I’m so excited to spend time with my boys (and to not have to go to school!!!) 😃

I haven’t started TJs 3rd grade school year yet. We are still doing work everyday to keep up the habit of school work and the mindset that it’s something we do almost every day.

G is still working on writing letters and writing his name. I’ve started having him practice writing numbers too. 

Since that “summer school” work  only takes about an hour, we have lots of time to play! We’ve taken a lot of walks on the foothills trail and found lots of beautiful flowers.  

We saw a mouse one morning and also found part of a robins egg.

The boys love snacking on salmon berries during our walks.

I love that if we get out there early enough we get home just in time for lunch and naps (during which both boys sleep)!!! Plus I get my 10,000 steps in early. 😁

We’ve also joined our local YMCA for the boys to take swim lessons and sports (it’s also motivated me to start trying different workout classes).

They love the pool and the child care area (which is where they go while mommy exercises).

That doesn’t tire them out quite as much as the trail, so I’ll probably save that for rainy days. 

TJs T1D still has its ups and downs, but there are days that I’m amazed at how it works out in my favor!  The other day TJ was LOW all day! Lots of juice and extra snacks just barely kept him around 60-80. 

 Bedtime rolled around and he finally started coming up! Not only that but he hung out around 180-200 all night!!! Thank you God!!! No sleep interruption!!!

Today I took the boys to the Y and let them play I an area I have to supervise them for a while, the whole time worrying about TJs numbers, (dex was reading ???-which does not help me know what his bg is doing.  I checked his sugars and gave him a snack and dropped him off at childcare hoping that he wouldn’t crash and that dex would start cooperating. I started walking their indoor track while waiting for my class to start and periodically checked my phone to see if dex started working again. Shortly after I started my walk it stated working! Hallelujah!!! Praise God! Now I could keep an eye on his numbers while I worked out! I did have to run down and have him poke and eat some more fruit snacks before my kickboxing class started, but he was good the whole morning after that. 💜

We took the boys to see finding dory in the theater. That was lots of fun, and a really cute movie!!

We had fun with friends on the 4th! We let the boys stay up WAY later than normal–7pm bedtime normally.  They were actually up when it was dark…during summer!!!  And I baked my first ever pineapple upside down cake!

So yummy!!!

We started summer art class up again (thanks to a local homeschool mom friend)

TJs Matisse style art.


After art class we want to a park for a play date with friends, who are also in the art class, and found an awesome park!
So much fun stuff to do!

The boys are filling in every other extra minute with Legos, pool time, and arguing…we are far from perfect, but we are trying to enjoy every moment we can!


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