Easter weekend 2016

 The boys are playing outside in the sunshine, while I stand in my kitchen snacking on BBQ potato chips and drinking a glass of red wine. We are waiting for tony to get home so we can sit down for our teriyaki chicken and rice dinner. It’s so peaceful and quiet in the house I just had a moment to realize I haven’t shared my Easter weekend photos yet (or written any blog posts in a while…) so here we go!

We want to church on Good Friday and the boys were super excited to process around the outside of our church holding lit candles. It was tough, staying up late and having to drive 45 minutes to get home afterwards. But I love those services! And the music! 💜

Saturday we colored Easter eggs.

And did a little Easter egg art work.


We cleaned the house an I worked on making a decorative addition to a hat so it would match my new dress. 
From fabric to rose. 😜

Saturday night was a struggle. The boys were allowed to “camp out” in the bonus room for the night. (Because the Easter Bunny needed their room)  


 and it took me lying in there with them to keep them quiet long enough to fall asleep.

But eventually we could get to work in their room. The crib/toddler bed was taken apart and put in the garage for firewood. (The teeth marks and the way Tony turned it into a toddler bed made it unable to be put back into crib form)

And we dragged TJs mattress and box spring out so we would have plenty of room to build!

Goodbye baby room hello big boys room!  

It was not easy and it took two and a half hours, but we got it done! And finally went to bed shortly after midnight. Only to be woken up at 5am by boys ready to inspect their baskets. The response to the new bunk beds/sheets/comforters was a little anticlimactic. 

They were more excited about mouthwash and $1 frisbees than they were about the bunk beds. 😳

Then we headed to church to celebrate Jesus rising from the dead and got our Easter bbasket fill of yummy food blessed before heading to grandma and grandpas house. Then it was nap time! Both boys went down (although only G slept) plus mommy got to nap! 😜

Tony took a couple pictures of the boys and me in our Easter finery.

 We got to visit with family and the kids had their Easter egg hunt.

We ate a super yummy Easter dinner with my family!

And then we went home and put the boys to bed in their new bunk beds (hoping for an early night for all of us) only to have two boys so excited about their bunk beds that they couldn’t go to sleep again! Too many late nights in a row for this mom! I’m hoping andbprayingbthst thru will fall asleep quickly tonight (since they didn’t last night-again)


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