Mommy and TJ fail (but not too bad)

It’s just another crazy dinner time in the Ortiz home. I plate up everyone’s food and get it on the table. We say grace and dig in. G needs many reminders to eat his dinner (this time it’s was the potatoes he tried to ignore). TJ surprisingly ate everything on his plate without any arguing. (You can’t go wrong in this house with cucumbers as the veggie)

After TJ is done eating, I ask him to empty the dishwasher and he gets started (playing with each dish before putting it away–as I watch cringing)

Tony grabs TJs Dexcom (continuous glucose monitor) to see how TJs blood sugar (BG) is reacting to dinner.  Ummmm… 150 with a straight up arrow (not uncommon after a meal) but, the arrow makes him remember something…”TJ did you check your blood sugar before dinner?” (Dead silence) 

“TJ did you dose for dinner?” (More silence) 

“TJ why didn’t you check your BG before dinner?” 

The magic response? 

“Because I forgot” 

Who’s fault is this really? Mine and TJs. I gave him food with no carb count and we both forgot to have him check his BG before eating. It was hectic before dinner, TJ was working on school work (that he hadn’t gotten done earlier) right up until dinner was on the table and I was rushing things along because I was hungry.

Luckily tonight’s dinner was fairly low carb: 1 fried chicken leg, 1 mini cucumber, and 1 red potato with sour cream and cheese. All in all it was under 10 carbs. Add to that the fact that he was under 150 before dinner (not that we checked at the time) and that we caught it before he was over 200 and (wiping sweat from brow) we sure were blessed tonight!

Our Gaurdian Angels must’ve been working hard for us tonight. Thank you God for keeping TJ safe! If we had had a higher carb dinner or if he’d started out higher he could easily have been over 400 by the time we realized and it would’ve taken 2.5-4 hours to get him back down into range. Along with a sleepless night watching to make sure we didn’t give too much insulin which would cause his BG to go too low.

It was so easy to slip back into the no poke days before he was diagnosed (almost 4 years ago!).  

It doesn’t happen often (thank God!) but it does periodically happen that we do something (or don’t do something) that can cause serious repercussions to TJs health.  We just try to not repeat them, but sleep deprivation is not a memory booster. šŸ˜œ

Just another day in paradise, thanking God that we still get to be here together.



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