Winter walks

We have a couple of local trails we like to go to for some family exercise and fun. They are paved so the boys can ride bikes or scooters, making it possible for us to go further.

  The one closest to home goes from South Prairie to Orting and is very flat. This is the trail I usually take the boys to when Tony isn’t with us, just because it’s close to home.
The other trail is a circle around a man made lake. This is the trail Tony prefers, probably because the walk can be short (one time around) or longer (we’ve made it around 3 times in one visit).  Plus it’s close to a 7-eleven, where we usually stop for a slurpee in the summer after our walk. 😜

Today we all went for a walk, in spite of the cold, and since Tony was with us we went to the lake trail.

We park at a Lowes store near the park, so we don’t have to fight for a parking spot. And in one of their bushes in the parking lot we saw a cute little bird with a red spot on his head. TJ thought maybe that was part of its camouflage, since he was in a bush with little red berries.

I love living in an area where we are surrounded by nature (even in the parking lot)! 😃 

It was COLD! And foggy. 

I think this may be G’s favorite trail too, since he wants to stop at every other tree for a picture.

TJ rode his scooter and G walked/ran with us. It was really interesting seeing all the frosted trees and bushes.

Another tree. 😜

It looked like lots of people had the same idea we did when we realized that the lake was frozen:  Throw rocks on the ice. It made a really cool noise as the rocks bounced across the ice.

We stopped many times to throw rocks, see how far we could get them to go and listen to that noise.

Probably the same number of times that we stopped to make G happy by taking a picture with a tree.  This trail does have some cool trees!


D actually cooperated today. TJ was on the low side, but no major crashes or spikes, just a nice steady number (probably because I gave him a couple lifesavers uncovered).
TJ has gotten really good on his scooter. He was coasting down hills like a pro! And was riding his brake to slow down when needed. I was really impressed by his riding today.

Tony spotted a birds nest in the blackberry vines. It was an interesting nest, I wonder what type of bird built it.

So cool!

It’s funny how hard it is to convince everyone to go to one of the trails, since we always have fun and see awesome things on our walks.

It makes me want to go for hikes as a family to see even more. Sadly, that’s a long ways off for this family. TJ prefers to ride and that would be difficult on a hiking trail. Plus Tony doesn’t like to drive very far to go for a walk. I will just enjoy what we have for now, and hope for more fun in nature together in the future.


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