I just looked back over my year in review from 2014 and thought that I should do the same thing for this year, especially since I haven’t written as much this year. 😁

We went to the pacific science center.

  The boys got to celebrate their birthdays at RR! Yum!


And have a family party at home.


Poor kiddo got sick at his own birthday party.

He finally felt well enough for a cupcake that evening.

There has been a lot of building with Legos (and taking apart- G’s favorite thing to do is take the Lego guys completely apart 😱)

   And a few family game times.


We had family photos taken and he really got good smiles from my boys (all by use of fart sounds)  

We had some lows   

Poor TJ had to drink (or eat) in his sleep a few times to bring his BGS back up.


But he still had fun during the days! We love our back yard!


The boys made their own strawberry toast.   

G started sleeping in a big boy bed!     
We were given the table I grew up with.


Tony fixed the bench that goes with it. 

 The boys learned how to do some chores.


I found out G likes to drink tea.  
We tried planting some veggies in the spring. Although we didn’t get any food in the end.  Luckily a friends mom kept us well stocked with their overflow of cucumbers, zucchini, and green beans.   

TJ has come a long way in his reading! He is also learning to multiply and can add and subtract up to 3digit numbers with regrouping.  
Through out the year we’ve our highs 


And we’ve had some lows

  But that’s just part of the roller coaster we call life. 

   We had more fun at the pacific science center




  And the Seattle center

I got lots of snuggles.  

We dog sat a lot!

With spring came a bubble machine.  

And footie pajamas
 And illness. 😕

We shared some exciting news.

The boys ran in the sprinklers.

Went for walks on our local trails.  G asks to stop at this tree and take a picture every time we pass it.

More dog sitting and walking. 😜

We went to Aunt Cheri’s birthday party at  the lake (even though we were just getting over something)

More fun at the PSC

Learning how our bodies work.

   May brought sorrow. We lost our baby right at 12 weeks. It was heartbreaking, but we were surrounded with love and prayer.

Plus, banana splits. Banana splits helped get me through.

As summer came we spent more time outside (we were blessed with a beautiful warm summer!)

Went for more walks.



 Summer marked TJs 1st day of 2nd grade.

We got a pool (or 2-the first one was cut)

We had good days

  And joined an art co-op


  Ate lunches outside.


And spent lots of time in the sunshine.

G went to the allergist and had a scratch test to see if he had outgrown his egg allergy yet. No such luck, plus he’s allergic to grass and tree pollen.

 TJ went back to Panther Camp and had so much fun!

G spent lots of time with mommy.


It was tough for G to leave his brother behind. We went to a lake to visit a friend from out of town.

  We went to the museum of flight with Papa.




TJ learned to ride a bike with no training wheels! Thanks to an awesome friend teaching him (after I gave up)

We replaced our tub in the master bathroom.


Oh, how awful it was getting that tub in!   But we found ways to keep the boys busy while we worked. (Tiny movie theater)  

With fall came some crazy weather   

That same tree


And rain  but a very memorable walk! And play date.

With October came the memory of the belly picture I was planning to recreate. But instead I get this picture

Plus family camp!

   G hated the drop off this year. Cried every time and didn’t want us to go (he never does that!) he managed to have fun while we were gone though.


TJ hurt his finger and had his first xray.

For the first time ever we trick or treated at the mall.
Luckily it cleared up a little later, so we got to trick or treating out side too.


Tony taught TJ some origami.  

The boys snuggled under blankets as the weather got colder.

We got a little snow (very little) and had some fun.

The boys had an awesome Christmas! 

G refused to sit with or talk to Santa this year.

 Santa brought them scooters anyway! 

We’ve been spending our Christmas break sick (again) tummy bug made its rounds and then a cold that hits the chest hard. G even got a nebulizer because he was wheezing and coughing so much.

But he’s only needed it twice in 5 days.



Over all it’s been one crazy year. Fun in the sun and snow, and illness and sadness. We made it through together and my hope for next year is health and more fun together as a family. 💜 

Happy New Year!


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