I wasn’t planning to go…

The hospital where TJ was diagnosed puts on a little kids camp every summer. It’s just a short 2.5 hour party with activities for the kids and a free lunch. The boys have enjoyed it every time we’ve gone and the first couple years we went my parents came too. It was a fun time for parents get to meet and talk to other T1 parents and for our little T1’s to play together and feel normal since there are so many other kids there going through the same thing: pumps and dexcoms are visible and fingers being poked all around. 

I usually am excited for this and ready to take the family Tony would take the day off from work) and we’d have fun. This year I wasn’t excited, or all that interested. TJ is on the high end of the age range for this “camp” and I was thinking I would let last year be our last year for attending.  Tony hadn’t requested the day off and other families we usually see there weren’t going, plus we had to keep up on TJs school work. (I’m really trying to keep him on a 5 days a week school week for 2nd grade and get as much done before fall as we can.) So today I told the boys they could wear comfy pants and I put on my yoga pants and a hoodie. I put on minimal make up and braided my hair for a lazy day at home. We were working through TJs schoolwork when I got a text message from Tony. 

    So, suddenly it was a race to get TJs schoolwork done and the kids and I into clothes we can go out in public wearing.  (TJ and I just needed to change into capris/shorts)

We got everything done and were ready when Tony got home so we could all drive to Tacoma together (parking sucks by the church where they host the event)

  The boys got to fish

They did some crafts and visited with friends.

G got his face painted! He asked for a penguin and when he was told she couldn’t do that he asked for a monkey (something else she couldn’t do). Then she started suggesting things that she could do and as soon as he heard ninja turtle he was happy again.

TJ wasn’t interested in face painting this year, so I got some butterflies for me. 😬 

With glitter, of course! πŸ˜‰

We had fun visiting with friends we hadn’t seen in a while (some we haven’t seen since last year at this camp). Although I always feel like I can’t spend very much time visiting because I’m following my kids from activity to activity.

The boys got balloon animals too. They both picked something they came up with all on their own. G picked this

Can you figure out what it is? It’s a monkey (on a palm tree–not requested) with wings! 

TJ wanted this

Figure that one out? It’s a snake with wings. (I said better a snake than a spider with wings!!!) apparently my boys think everything should be able to fly. 😜

All in all it was a fun day, plus daddy came home early, so that’s like another weekend day! 😁 Too bad he has to work tomorrow. 

 Although I have to say, he’s been working 6am-2:30 this week and that has been so nice! He’s home before 3:30 and we dont have to rush through dinner and bed time. That will change back to his normal schedule soon, but then he’ll have some time off! He took a little over a week off to do a (not so fun) project. πŸ˜• But he’ll be home, so it will be like a work at home vacation, right? 😜

Oh! I have to show you! When we cleaned G’s face paint off (with baby wipes, while shopping) it looked like he had blue eyeliner on. So funny! 

I guess it didn’t really show up in the pictures, but can you tell he’s tired? 😳


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