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its been a while since I’ve joined in with this. Maybe I wasn’t feeling pretty, happy, or funny, but I definitely had a lot of real since my last PHFR post. I really wasn’t blogging much at all, it was a hectic and stressful end of the school year. Tony switched jobs and that changed his schedule. We love having him home with us on weekends, but dinners during the week have become hectic and followed directly by kids bed time. And then we were pregnant and excited and planning in addition to all that. And at 12 weeks, on May 3rd, we lost our little baby.  So now it’s July and its summer and I am still sad every once in a while, I’m moving forward and feeling better.  And after all that! Here’s my PHFR post:

Pretty   We joined an art co-op this summer and my boys are learning about Georgia O’keeffe and her art. G is still a little too young to understand and follow the art concepts, but TJ did pretty well. His close up flower turned out very pretty! Here’s G’s:

(He had fun mixing all his paints once he got tired of trying to paint in the lines)


I am SO happy it’s summer and that I get to stay home with my boys. We are enjoying our backyard to the fullest this summer! I’m so glad we spent the money (and energy-we did them ourselves) to put in the patio and the fence!


I’m always laughing at my boys! TJ informed a friend that daddy (and everybody) has money but mommy never has money. And G constantly surprises me with his comical facial expressions and ideas. The boys are currently in bed (but not asleep) and G just shouted out,”Daddy! TJ got out if bed 3 times!!” LOL

To top it all off my sister in law sent the boys a joke book. TJ has been reading the jokes to anyone who will listen and is constantly surprised when G remembers the punchline from the last time he read one. It also inspired the boys to create thier own jokes. 😜


It’s summer! The weather has been so beautifully sunny and hot! I love it!! But it doesn’t really feel 100% like summer to me. I started TJs 2nd grade school year to try and get as much done as we can before he goes back to my parents during the day in September.

And I’m trying to stay fit and healthy by exercising daily and watching calories, which is a big part of why it feels like a regular work week. I still have to get up at 5am(ish) to get my workout in before the boys wake up. It’s so hard to get up early every day!!! My boys won’t sleep past 6:30(and that’s on a good day!). Here’s to keeping with my program and getting healthier! It’s hard work, but I’m excited to once again be seeing some results! I want to look and feel as good (or better than) I did last summer at Disneyland!

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