Our Tiptoe through the tide pools 

We want to Tacoma parks “tip toe through the tide pools” last week. It’s a free event that Tacoma parks puts on and it was lots of fun!

TJ didn’t want to go. It seems that lately that’s his favorite phrase, “I don’t want to see the butterflies/go to the tide pools/do whatever mommy planned or suggests”. He went anyway. We had gotten all his schoolwork done earlier in the week so we could just have a field trip day. Some friends went with us and actually drove us in their new car! It was so comfy and the kids even got to watch a movie while we drove to the park.

We got to the park and found a parking spot and then followed a trail that we hoped would lead us to the path across the train tracks to the beach. We got lost (maybe due to my map reading skills) But eventually we turned around and found our way to the right path (thanks to some strangers on the trail).

We got to see some little crabs in buckets before we actually made it to the beach. And we got a laminated set of pictures with descriptions of things we could find on the beach. Then we headed down to the slippery, rocky shore.

 Our friend Danny was diligent and brave, he found little crabs and picked them up for us to see. 

Eventually I got brave enough to pick them up too but the boys didn’t want to hold them.

One of the park employees found a red rock crab and showed it to us.

We found some Turkish towel, which is a flat red seaweed type plant (but apparently I didn’t take any pictures of it).

 We found sea lettuce, rock weed, and other sea weeds that I can’t remember the names of. 

We had a hard time finding other creatures, other than barnacles, there were millions of barnacles!     

We had fun looking though.



We picnicked on the rocks.

I think TJs favorite part was just playing in the rocky sand, trying to make a sand castle.





  TJ was running on the low side most of the morning, so he got some extra treats a couple time (which makes it easier to get him to poke a couple extra times. I packed our lunch and planned ahead by writing carb counts on the bags with his lunch. 

 There was a park and a splash park back across the tracks near where we parked so we got to go play before heading home.

                 We had so much fun!! And the the kids continued their movie in the car on the way home. They were so tired we were amazed they stayed awaken the whole way home!

I think this is a trip definitely worth repeating! Although I would warn parents interested in taking their kids to make sure that their kids wear good shoes, water socks or sandals, lots of kids appeared to have gotten cuts on their feet from sharp rocks or barnacles.  This was in the bottom of TJs sandal that he wore to the tide pools:

Definitely not a barefoot adventure (or kid in flip flops) kind of place! 


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