From traffic to pool time

We had a super busy day today, parts of it were really tough but most of it has been lots of fun. We had to rush out of the house to get TJ to a dermatologist appointment in Bellevue.  During our hour plus drive TJ did his school work. He only had some English, math, and reading to do because he worked ahead on all his other subjects on Monday and Tuesday.

G cooperated most of the time by entertaining himself.

We got to the doctors office an hour early (because I over compensated for traffic) so we headed to a local park for some fun. TJ read to me and gave me an oral book report before we got out of the car. The park had a cute little trail so we walked around the long way to the playground. Where the boys had so much fun!

It’s a really cool park!

Then we walked around the little trail again and back to the car.

Back at the Drs office TJ was seen for a rash he’s had for over 2 months. It doesn’t really bother him most of the time, but it looks bad and some of the spots seem to get infected. 

She thinks it’s PLEVA which is a non-contagious rash some kids get,  that can last anywhere from a month to a year. Since some of the spots looked infected she said that it would be best to biopsy one of his spots to verify that’s what it is. That was NOT fun. 😕 my poor TJ gets poked so very often that you’d think he’d get used to it. But the needle with the numbing agent really hurt him.  And then I think he could feel the pulling of the sutures as she gave him 2 stitches. Poor guy.

After that traumatic experience we went to the mall for a play date. I got to visit with a friend (the reason I have no pics) while the boys had fun playing with her kids (or by themselves). 😃 we even had lunch together. It was lots of fun!

We decided to visit daddy at work on our way home and bring him an iced tea to keep him cool in the hot warehouse. On the way home from there the boys both took short naps which means I had a peaceful drive home. 😜 the first words out of their mouths when they woke up at home were,”can we go in the pool?” Of course the answer was yes! 😃

 They got to cool off and play and I got to sit on the patio and read. Win, win!! Daddy even joined in the fun after a brief pool exodus for dinner.

Thank goodness there are more happy memories than painful ones for today. Hopefully TJ will remember them more than the pain and tears.



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