Our first week of summer

and TJs first week of second grade!  

It has been gorgeous outside! Lots of sunshine and so warm. We slept in a couple days (6:30am–that’s sleeping in for my boys).  We had breakfast and then got started with schoolwork.  It was so nice!  We got started early and finished before lunch every day! It’s been easy review stuff from first grade, but he already got through this weeks work and got a jump start on next weeks!  

The first day was a perfect day! We sat together and he got all 7 subjects done before 10 am. No fighting, no yelling, just a perfect day. (Don’t worry, I knew that wouldn’t be a typical day, I just tried to enjoy it in the moment) he finished early enough to go outside and play before lunch. We ate outside and then they both went down for naps. It was a beautiful first day, and I hope I can remember it when I’m struggling later.

The second day was a little tougher. He was unfocused on his independent work and struggled with his math facts (2 pages of adding and subtracting). I didn’t sit with him the whole time and that seemed to make a big difference.  I decided to rearrange his subjects so we alternated between  independent work and direct instruction for the next day.

On Wednesday we got a late start. I decided we should change sheets and wash pillows and blankets, before breakfast, and it took a while to get the beds stripped and remade. (TJ had to take care of his own bed.)  with a late start and a new schedule of subjects it wasn’t as bad as the day before, but he still didn’t like doing those math facts (1 page this time) quickly. We had a late lunch, so we could finish before lunch, and then it was nap time.

Thursday was smoother with another early start and the same subject schedule as Wednesday.  He did better with focus (math was easier –time and shapes and place value). We were done super early, so the boys played outside before we had another outdoor lunch. 

   Then, once again, it was nap time. (Can you tell I love nap time? 😜)

Friday was light, a few subjects aren’t in the lesson plan, but I kept him moving forward anyway in English, phonics, math, and reading. He already passed his spelling test on Thursday. I didn’t want to start a new lesson of science or religion for 1 day , so he did a very quick review. 

All in all it was a really good first week. I worked with Gabriel on some writing practice, shapes, and letter names and sounds everyday too. 

This schedule will not be possible all summer, next week in particular will be very busy and include a doctor visit and a field trip to the tide flats in Tacoma. But I really enjoyed our first week.

We had time to play outside in the pool! 

 Did some art, 


     Enjoyed the wonderful weather we’ve had all week.


And played with bubbles!



  I hope and pray we can have many more weeks like this one, even as he stops reviewing and starts learning new, more challenging skills. 

Hope you are enjoying your summer!  



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