Dmom fail

My poor boy! He has been over 300 all day.  It’s really my fault and I feel horrible. He was due for a new pump site (the plastic cannula we insert under his skin for the pump to be able to drip insulin into his system all day) but had plenty of insulin so we figured we would wait until tonight. 

Shortly after I got to work I got a text from my hubby because he checked nightscout and saw that TJ was high according to Dex. That means his blood sugar is over 400. (Not good) I texted my parents to see if they had already checked him and dosed. It was long enough after breakfast for his insulin to have started working.

They were on top of it (as I expected–I have amazing parents!). But he still wasn’t coming down after a couple more hours. He opted for a no carb lunch instead of carbs and a shot to dose his insulin. 

Under 400, but still not coming down into range. I asked my parents to check for ketones with his blood ketone meter.  The strip they tried read as an error and (Dmom fail #2) was the only one with the kit, luckily we had the urine test strips in his bag.  

So, he’s over 300 with moderate ketones and feeling just fine. He should have felt awful! 

My mom was going to give him a shot of insulin to bring him down into range (after bribing him with treats) but she was a little intimidated by the amount of insulin he needed (3 units). It’s been at least 2.5 years since they’ve given TJ a shot. She wasn’t sure how to read the syringe. It looked like 3 units would be the whole syringful. So I left work early and gave him a shot, I had to practically pin him down to do it. 😕 This is probably his second shot since getting the pump, so he’s not used to it anymore. After he ate his treats and his brother woke up from his nap, we headed home to change his pump site. Oh! Did I forget to mention Dmom fail #1? We should have had extra stuff in his bag to change out his site, but we forgot to restock it after we used the last one. If we had restocked, I could’ve just changed his site at lunch time and he would have been fine (most likely).

This was his before dinner poke:

Looks like the shot if insulin knocked the ketones out, but didn’t help his BG. Another bolus, including some insulin for dinner, and then we wait some more. He ate his dinner and then had some fruit for dessert. 

We thought a movie would be a peaceful way to end our evening, so we start watching “Alice in wonderland” and then he starts dropping…

Wow! It happened so fast! 

So he got an uncovered treat with the movie! Fruit snacks! 

17 carbs should at least stop that drop, although now we need to check how much insulin he has on board to decide if he needs more carbs or if we should wait it out for a bit.  Should be a fun night…not! Wish us luck!

More carbs! 75 right after bed, 8 more carbs. 10 minutes later he says he doesn’t feel good…37 😳 10 carbs of juice. Now I wait and wonder: will he spike sky high again, or continue dropping? Either way, it looks like I won’t be getting much sleep tonight…


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