We’ve been trying something new in the Ortiz house this week! I’m really excited about it and the kids were surprisingly excited too!
The boys are taking on new responsibilities. They have a new bedtime routine (that they are expected to do on their own). I made a list for TJ to follow. (And he reads it on his own!!! :))

IMG_0369-1 (Tony got the boys hooked on putting on warm clothes, fresh out of the dryer, in the morning!)
TJ has been really good at reading the steps and following them. He tries to get G to do everything too. We are teaching G to dress himself more and to be more independent but we still help him with most things.
I’m hoping the biggest help will be the new morning routine, we’ve implemented it this week but won’t see the benefits until school starts back up next week.

TJ was excited to do these things himself, it felt like the novelty wore off today, but hopefully he’ll be back at it starting tomorrow. We put an alarm clock in their room and set the alarm for 7am (since its midwinter break) it had a bonus side effect! Even though they wake up at six, they typically don’t get out of bed (except for potty emergencies) until the alarm goes off!!! 🙂 we will set it for 6 am during the week once I go back to school, but it will be nice on weekends!! It will hopefully save us lots of time getting them ready in the morning!!! Again G is still in the learning phase, but he can do most of those things on his own. 🙂

The boys are helping in the kitchen too! They love to help me cook! They made “berry valentines toast” from a recipe TJ found in his high five magazine.

They loved making it and eating it too! I’ve let them help me make dinners too. They love it!!!

They have new responsibilities around the house now too. They empty the dishwasher. TJ empties the dishes and G takes care of the silverware.

TJ gets the step stool out and sets it up and gets right to work! 🙂

We did have a dishwasher emptying accident this morning… I asked TJ to check to see if the dishes were clean and if they were to empty the dishwasher while I stayed upstairs to help G. Apparently we rinse our dishes too well before putting them in the dishwasher….he thought they were clean but as G started emptying the silverware it was painfully obvious that they were dirty. Then I had to wash all my silverware and all the dishes/cups/Tupperware in order to find the ones that were dirty. New plan!!! I will now make it very clear if the dishwasher is clean or dirty.

I also taught TJ how to fold his and Gs clothes.

He doesn’t like that job though. Hopefully once he gets the hang of it and can watch a movie while folding he will find it more enjoyable. 🙂

I plan on teaching G how to fold kitchen towels, hand towels and other smaller, simple things to fold but haven’t gotten that far yet. It’s been a busy week full of new challenges, and experiences that will help my boys grow into helpful responsible young men. We made time for fun too! I hope that next week goes smoothly! It’s going to be hard going back to work and only getting to see my kids in the morning on the way to grandmas and at dinner and bedtime!



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