First trip to the library!!!

Today was TJ and Gs first trip to the public library! Maybe I’m a bad parent, but I’ve honestly never taken them before. I haven’t been in so long! Since I started buying the books I’ve wanted and especially since getting my kindle, I just haven’t felt the need to go to the library.

But I’m teaching 5th graders the history of cinema starting next week and needed some movies that I don’t have in my video collection (like Charlie Chaplin and The Marx brothers) 😉 so I had to go to the library to get them at no cost. 🙂

Today I took the boys and they loved it! There was a table set up with toys and there were puzzles and coloring pages. G LOVED the puzzles! TJ enjoyed looking at all the books and trying to decide on a few to check out. We got him his own library card!!! He was so excited! I remember how much I loved trips to the library as a child and am so glad I can share that joy with my boys.


We even caught the tail end of story time. It was so funny watching G try to take over the whole story time. Trying to side track the woman reading and answering any of her question about the book. I noticed that my boys are not followers. She did some stretching games and my boys wanted nothing to do with it (even though I was doing it too). They didn’t want to help hold up the ceiling or pretend to push the walls and windows. They just looked at those people participating as if they were crazy.

I used the free wifi to continue streaming TJs BGs to my phone via nightscout. And his blood sugars played pretty nice. In the 70-120 range.

You can see where we were driving since there’s no info. We are currently only using nightscout on wifi although if it becomes wireless in a few months I’m seriously considering paying for a data plan so it will be available all the time. It’s amazing!!! I’m so grateful to the nightscout creators!

TJ finally picked out 3 books and checked them out himself! 🙂 I picked out a couple books for G and he got to check them out (using my card).

This is definitely something we will continue! Perfect family outing! Close to home and free! 😉

TJs sugars are not cooperating anymore! 😦 now that it’s bedtime he’s crashing but with lots of extra pokes, extra sugar, and a decreased basal (the amount of insulin dripping into his body every hour through his pump) we have finally gotten him into range. Hopefully he will stay there for the night so we can all get some sleep! 😉



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  1. They did look happy. I used to take my kids to our library and it was the best trip of the week as we all got to sit and read for the few hours after returning home.


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