Early Spring?

We are so excited by all this sunshine and warmth!  🙂  It feels like spring and it’s motivated us to plant a garden this year.  We tried last year late in the summer by planting some cucumber and basil plants. And we actually got a few cucumbers to eat.  🙂  Since we all love cucumbers in this house we decided to grow them again this year and are hoping to have a much longer harvesting time. We are starting from seed and are also going to plant carrots, zucchini, yellow squash, green onions, garlic, basil and cilantro.

DSCN0716 Today we planted the cilantro, some garlic and some green onions in a planter box.

The boys helped fill the box with soil. One shovelful at a time. DSCN0725Until Daddy got impatient and poured the soil in.  😉 DSCN0731Then we planted the cilantro pod. The boys both helped dig holes and put seeds in the soil.

DSCN0734They are both so interested in the process. DSCN0736 G planted the green onion seeds and then they smoothed out the soil. DSCN0737After all the work was done, G got to help water our seeds for the first time. DSCN0738 (Can you see the look of “stop taking pictures and turn the water on?”)   We have our first planting of the season completed! Hopefully the weather will continue to be spring like, so they will sprout and start growing! 🙂  Once that was done we enjoyed some much needed play time!DSCN0744   DSCN0746

Then we weeded the area we plan on planting the rest of our veggies before some family soccer in the back yard. These family days sure are nice.  It feels like during the week we run from place to place and from dinner to bed without getting to really spend any time together. These few days we have at home together are priceless!


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