Something’s going on

My poor boys! G gets a fever and lethargic in the middle of their birthday party causing him to miss most of the party and not get his cupcake

(until a later date).

He opened his presents later that evening (after the fever broke) but was still too lethargic to really enjoy it.

Ever since then TJ has been running consistently low. He will spike once in a while for a meal but always seems to end up back in the 70-90 range. It’s probably nice for him (all those free snacks to keep him in range) but it’s tough on this Dmom. I don’t mind the lower range during the day when I can keep an eye on him, it’s the nights that are killer. Last night Dex kept alerting for lows (even below 40) but TJ was usually in the low 100’s (we kept giving him carbs to make sure he didn’t crash–4 carbs at each check).

We interpreted all these lows as a sign that TJ was going to be sick soon. Four days later and he’s still running low (I know adjust his basals). He came home and said he wasn’t hungry (thinking I would outsmart him) I told him that was fine, he could go get his pjs on and go to bed. Joke was on me…he did just that! He went to bed an hour early with no dinner (complaining of a stuffy nose). We ate dinner (without him) and I put G to bed, then I hear dex…

IMG_0276 Uhhh!!! Luckily his bg was a little higher than that, I gave him a temp basal and he drank 10 carbs of yogurt smoothie in his sleep.

(Oops!!! Forgot about the flash!)

I still don’t know what’s going on with my poor boy, but I hope and pray that he levels off in range tonight, and stays healthy, so I can get caught up on some much needed sleep!

Oh! And we even remembered the candles when G (who was completely back to normal the morning after the party) finally got his bday cupcake!



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