3 years later

My baby is 3 today! Where has the time gone?


He seems to have grown up so much faster than his older brother.

053112_0438_Threesurpri5.jpgMaybe because we were so all consumed shortly after his birth by his brothers diagnosis.

TJ at MB ER 2I felt so horrible all the times I had to take care of TJ when G needed me too.

051512_2309_WhyIvebegun6.jpgBut maybe that’s just part of parenting  more than one child? trying to divide your time between the littles that need you.

061512_0426_PrettyHappy3.jpgMaking them feel equally loved.

062712_0529_Disorganize3.jpgIt’s amazing how much he’s grown, and the personality he’s developed!

070412_0426_PismoBeach29.jpgFrom this little Dolphin squealing baby into a boy who makes us all laugh.

090112_0353_FiveMinuteF4.jpg092112_0141_Sleeplessin3.jpg101412_0725_Pumpkinsand11.jpgHis current favorites are the color red and the word booty.

112412_2338_5MinuteFrid3.jpgOh, and telling us that “TJ did it” (even if that means TJ hit himself)012213_0633_Theboysbirt2.jpg 012213_0633_Theboysbirt22.jpgHe’s out going and loves talking to people. 20130213-170304.jpg 20130213-165138.jpg 20130214-211805.jpg He loves playing outside. 20130324-144756.jpgAnd getting himself in to risky situations.

20130405-203025.jpg 20130405-211255.jpg He currently has  love hate relationship with his brother….loves him but also loves to beat him up and bully him.

20130529-223406.jpg 20130529-214153.jpgHe is constantly cracking us up with is funny sayings and weird voices. 20130607-215227.jpg 20130608-170726.jpg20130724-210513.jpg DSC_0180 20130712-230350.jpgHe’s usually very cheerful (until he’s tired anyway).20130828-212717.jpg 20130815-221010.jpg102913_0448_PumpkinPatc13.jpg20131006-135255.jpg20131006-135748.jpgHe’s such a character and always following his brothers footsteps. 110213_1618_PumpkinCarv11.jpgMarys Iphone February 2014 653 020914_1953_Roughnights10.jpg20140314-150902.jpg042314_0207_SpringBreak27.jpg 042314_0207_SpringBreak15.jpg 042314_0207_SpringBreak10.jpgwhen he thinks we’re doing something odd he says, “Really, mommy? Really?”

20140616-132610-48370002.jpg20140728-102948-37788760.jpgDSC_0178 DSC_0167IMG_5010 IMG_5013Photo0091FourBySix IMG_0080 ??????????It’s amazing how quickly they grow from these adorable helpless little babies 060112_0453_Disappointm8.jpginto these little people with opinions and attitudes all their own!Photo0153FourBySixHappy Birthday G! 🙂


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